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Android emulator

A Android emulator is software that, thanks to the open source of Android, enables the Android operating system to be used on another operating system. For example, an emulator enables the Android system to be used on a Windows PC. Emulating, as the replication of a foreign system (here Android) is called on another, helps developers in particular to use their functions and apps on the PC in advance without having to transfer them to an external device (smartphone or tablet) and to install. A developer can also use a suitable emulator to test his app with screen resolutions or Android versions for which no hardware devices are available. Another use case is the use of Android apps on a desktop PC that are not available for the desktop operating system or the operating system of the smartphone. Some users also want to play a certain Android game with a mouse and / or keyboard.[1]

Modern Android emulators allow the installation of an APK file using drag'n'drop in the emulator window.

The most famous Android emulator is part of the Android SDK. In addition to it, there are also third-party emulators, e.g .:

Android Virtual Device [edit | edit source]

An Android emulator basically creates a virtual Android device, Android Virtual Device (AVD) called. Whether the specifications, such as the size of the internal memory, the number of interfaces and the Android version, can be set individually depends on the respective emulator. It is also different from emulator to emulator whether you can create several virtual devices or just one.

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Individual evidence [edit | edit source]

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