Who is on trial today nottingham

  • Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are currently on trial for suing "Mail On Sunday" and its publisher, Associated Newspapers Group.
  • The newspaper published parts of a letter Meghan wrote to her father, Thomas Markle. She thinks it violated her privacy.
  • The lawyers on the other side argue that Meghan did not have any protection of privacy in her letter, because content from it was previously shared by her friends with "People".
  • She claims Meghan kept her father away from Harry because she lied to him about her past. So she didn't have such a difficult life.
  • The worst scenario for her would have been that her father and fiance got on well, says Campbell.

Duchess Meghan (38) reveals in court the names of her friends who criticized her father Thomas Markle (75) in the American magazine “People”. The friends revealed details from a personal letter Meghan wrote to her father. "Mail On Sunday" later printed excerpts from the letter, which Meghan didn't like at all. She and Prince Harry (35) sued the British newspaper and its publisher Associated Newspapers Group.

The lawyers on the other side argue that Meghan did not have any protection of privacy in her letter because content from it was shared by her friends with “People”. Allegedly even on the instructions of the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan denies this vigorously and therefore told the court the names of the friends, as the "Daily Mail" reveals from leaked court documents. These friends - they are anonymized in the documents as A, B, C, D and E - should be ready to testify that they went to the media without Meghan's knowledge.

Meghan felt unprotected

The court documents also reveal that Meghan is convinced that her wedding to Prince Harry generated the equivalent of around 1.2 billion Swiss francs in tourism income. That would be many times what the marriage cost the UK taxpayer. Meghan also denies some details from the letter that the "Mail on Sunday" had published. She never claims to have written that her father “made me a victim” and that she “only had one father”. She wrote the letter so that it would no longer be “manipulated by the press” and not as an “attempt at reconciliation”.

At the end there is a clear swipe at the Royals in the court files. The Duchess complains that she felt “unprotected” by the “institution” of the royal family and that she was prevented from defending herself. That was the reason why close friends were worried about their well-being - especially since she was pregnant.

Meghan's enemy claims she's lying to Harry

While Meghan struggles for a victory in court, she continues to be shot at. Royal author Lady Colin Campbell (70) wants to know why Meghan's relationship with her father broke up. The reason for this is not, as originally assumed, the paparazzi photos by Thomas Markle, but Meghan's past. "The Meghan in the present is not the same person as the Meghan in the past," writes Campbell in her reveal book "Meghan and Harry: The True Story". The former actress told Harry that she had led a harder life than it actually was.

“She was never racially discriminated against and didn't have to pay her college money herself. Papi Thomas financed all of this for her, ”claims Campbell, who is one of Meghan's biggest critics. Meghan knows that a theatrical story is more captivating than a boring one. Harry is said to have fallen for her scam: "He loves her strength, with which she mastered the alleged challenges in her life." So that her lie is not exposed, she is said to have made sure that Harry never gets to know her papi. "The worst scenario for her would have been that her father and fiancé got along well," says the author. (ds / bsn)

Published: July 2nd, 2020, 2:54 p.m.
Last updated: 07/30/2020, 2:14 pm