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This is how much your old Deutsche Mark coins can be worth today.

Do you still have old Deutsche Mark coins at home? After the euro replaced the German mark on January 1, 2002, not all bills and coins were exchanged. More than 15 years later, cash worth almost 13 billion marks is still in circulation.

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There are various reasons why so much money is still officially “in circulation”. Many D-Marks were kept for nostalgic reasons, some of the notes and coins simply got lost or broken over time, and some were taken abroad by tourists.

In absolute numbers, the billions are divided into around 167 million individual D-Mark notes and around 23 billion individual D-Mark coins that have never been exchanged. With around 72 million pieces, the 10-DM note is the front runner among paper money, with around 9.7 billion pieces the 1-pfennig coin among small change.

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But not only when you exchange them, marks and pennies are worth one or two euros or cents. Rare coins are traded for many times their face value among collectors. Do you have some secret valuables in your collection?

Among the 50-pfennig coins, an incorrect minting from 1950 stands out with the words “Bank deutscher Länder” instead of “Federal Republic of Germany” because an employee of the mint accidentally picked up the wrong stencil. Such a copy can be worth 400 to 600 euros, depending on its condition.

With the 1 DM coins, for example, you should pay particular attention to those from 1954 with the letter G, which are valued at 10 euros even with a “very nice” quality, and up to 1,200 euros for “unmarked” coins.

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As with the German euro coins, the small letter indicates the minting location. G stands for the Karlsruhe State Mint. The other still active locations are Berlin (A), Munich (D), Stuttgart (F) and Hamburg (J).

Probably the most valuable 5 DM piece dates from 1958 and has the letter J. With a little luck you can get 800 to 4,000 euros for this. In contrast to the usual millions of copies, only 60,000 pieces of this special coin were minted.

For a 5 DM coin from the same year but with the letter F, up to 500 euros can still be possible.

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But the coin with the lowest face value in this list is likely to have the highest collector's value: the 2-pfennig pieces made of pure copper from 1968 and 1969 with the letters J. Instead of copper-clad iron, these coins were minted from pure copper. Outwardly indistinguishable from each other, the pure copper coins are not magnetic.

Prices from 2,000 to 5,000 euros can be achieved with these rare specimens. However, only about 500 of the 1969 2-pfennig coin with J were minted in copper - 40 million in iron.

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You can find a detailed list of the various D-Mark coins and their respective collector's value here. If you still have old D-Mark coins and bills at home, you can exchange them free of charge and unlimited in time at all branches of the Deutsche Bundesbank.