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Where love falls cannot be justified logically. The wild punk falls in love with the beautiful ballerina, the manager with the long-term unemployed, the successful PR specialist with the paparazzo. All of this has already happened and is happening again and again - but such couples usually don't last long. They have no common interests, no common goals, everyone lives their own life and that can't go well in the long run. The unequal attracts unequal, but if the two unequal do not find each other at least on one level, then they are not well advised with each other and will separate in the long term if they do not work on this problem as quickly as possible.

People of the same kind stick together?

It is important in a relationship that you harmonize with one another with regard to the most important points, understand each other and have similar goals in life. For example, if someone wants to emigrate to Australia soon, but the other feels deeply connected and rooted to their homeland, then the relationship makes very little sense in the long term. But that does not mean that every interest of a woman has to coincide with that of a man - and vice versa. What is more important is a healthy balance of freedom and joint activities, because then a relationship can work and the two partners have a common basis, but also offer each other the freedom to develop further as individual people.

What is interest, what is goal?

There are crucial differences between interests and goals. An interest is exactly what the name says - it can be a hobby, but it can also be just a topic, an occupation or an opinion that one can get excited about. Interests come and go, we treat ourselves to them as a pastime or to develop our own personality, for self-realization and to meet our needs for a fulfilled life full of activity. Goals, on the other hand, are directions that determine all of life. A goal can be to achieve a certain university degree, to work in a specific job or to specialize in that, at some point to emigrate, to build a house and have children or to live the opposite of renting an apartment in the metropolis and becoming childless stay to have more money for yourself. The goals must match as closely as possible or a compromise must be found, otherwise the couple is too unequal and cannot harmonize with each other in everyday life.

No goals, no basis

Unfortunately, goals change and that can happen to anyone. Maybe the guy at the beginning of a relationship wanted kids badly, but then things get serious and he backs down at the last minute. It can also be that the woman did not want to get married at the beginning of the relationship, she wanted to keep her freedom at least partially, but then she notices that the biological clock is ticking and she wants a ring on her finger. If the goals diverge so far that not even a tolerable compromise can be found, then you can almost expect the couple to split up at some point. One can avoid the danger, however, by choosing the partner based on how likely it is that the goals will change. In the case of a young person, for example, it may still be the case that he wants to go to the USA in a year and then ends up in Asia, which his partner definitely does not go along with - and that can lead to a separation even on a smaller scale stands in the house. People of their own age tend to adapt more to their own goals and they are similar; and especially at a very young age you shouldn't take relationships so seriously and plan together until the end of your life. This prevents disappointment and the experience that the partner suddenly has a completely different goal than a few months ago.

No common interests, no common time

Many couples have no hobby in common at all. They both like to go to the cinema, to eat or to go out with friends, but that doesn't make a hobbies - and that's not a problem at all. As a couple, you don't have to do everything together and you may even need the time without your partner so that you can look forward to seeing them again when you come home. However, if you can't find an activity that both of you enjoy doing, then you quickly have a problem. And that's the case even if the common interest is to be at the computer and play MMORPGs at the same time. It would be enough to cook together, go for a walk together, take care of the pets or the household, go shopping, have ice cream every now and then, organize a DVD evening ... There are many ideas. Every now and then you can do something special and unusual together, for example go away for a weekend or plan a little more time for a bike tour on the weekend. There is almost always something that you can do with each other and that both of you at least want to do something. If you notice that you hardly do anything anymore, you should get together in good time and think about how you can change that - maybe even by starting a hobby together.

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