What do washer and dryer symbols mean

Washing symbols, laundry symbols and their meaning

According to the Textile Labeling Ordinance, a label with the material composition must be sewn into every item of clothing. Lots of washing and care symbols, dryer symbols, laundry symbols, washing instructions and ironing instructions are printed on the laundry labels. Each of these symbols has its own meaning and explains how you can wash and dry your laundry. Our guide finally brings structure and order to the chaos of symbols and explains the meaning of the washing symbols, which temperatures are allowed, whether hand washing is necessary, at how many degrees you can wash your laundry or whether professional cleaning is necessary.

Ironing symbols and their meanings: a list

Ironing symbols provide information about the temperature at which an item of clothing can be ironed. For ironing symbols, unlike washing symbols, the outline of an iron is used. The meaning is simple: every item of clothing on which the care instructions are printed with an iron can be ironed. In addition, individual points are printed on the iron. The more points, the hotter the garment can be ironed.

Washing symbols and their meanings: a list

Dryer symbols and their meanings: a list