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Review: Mophie Powerstation Plus XL 10,000 mAh Portable Charger with Lightning and Wireless Charging

Although Apple opened up its Lightning port specs four years ago, allowing its MFi partners to build Lightning ports into their accessories, we haven't seen a lot of companies actually taking advantage of this new freedom, especially when it comes to things like battery packs where the more common micro USB and USB-C connectors will naturally appeal to an audience beyond iOS device users. Most likely due to its close relationship with Apple, however, Mophie has taken the plunge and recently announced a new lineup of “Apple exclusive” Powerstation accessories that will allow iPhone and iPad owners to use the Lightning cables they already have to recharge their battery packs . Today we're looking at the most interesting entry in the new lineup, Mophie’s new Powerstation Plus XL, which not only supports wired Lightning charging but also wireless Qi power input, and even includes a built-in Lightning cable to connect your iOS device. {/ exp: char_limit}

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Apple is now worth a trillion dollars

Apple became the first company to cross the $ 1 trillion mark on Thursday. With this, the iPhone group prevailed against Alphabet, Amazon and Microsoft.

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GTX 1180 or not: New Nvidia PCB appeared

When the board bring-up showed a PCB with GDDR6 memory from Micron in June, many of our colleagues reported that DAS was the board for the upcoming GTX 1180/2080. We, in turn, urged restraint and explained what can be seen on the board at all. Now a new PCB has been photographed and there is again much speculation. Watch […]

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Mac: Satechi Aluminum Type-C UHS-II Micro / SD Card Reader Adapter

Thanks to its very Mac-like aesthetic, Satechi's hubs and adapters for Apple's newest MacBooks have become some of our favorite designs, and now the company is back with a new one - the Aluminum Type-C UHS-II Micro / SD Card Reader Adapter . Not every MacBook photographer uses an iPhone or Wi-Fi camera, so this one is for those of us who have miss the built-in SD card reader that use to come with Apple’s MacBooks. Featuring UHS-II speeds of up to 312 Mbps, it's powerful enough to let you import your 4K video footage and ultra-high-res RAW images in a snap.

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9to5Mac Happy Hour 184: iPad Pro design leaks, upcoming HomePod features and AAPL earnings

This week Benjamin and Zac talk about traveling and data caps on carrier plans, the resolution to Apple's MacBook Pro throttling issue (and possibly the keyboard problem), Macotakara's report on the upcoming iPad Pro losing its headphone jack, Face ID only working in portrait orientation , and moving its Smart Connector, a leaked CAD image that may back up that report, iGen's report on upcoming HomePod features including multiple timers and phone call features, Apple's latest earnings report, and more. 9to5Mac Happy Hour is available on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play Music, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. Sponsored by Hyper: Visit hypershop.com and use coupon code 9to5macbook to get 10% off site-wide, and enter our 2018 MacBook Pro giveaway below! Sponsored by Udemy: Visit Ude.my/happyhour and use coupon code HAPPYHOUR to get 90% off life-changing classes! https: // 9to

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Sharp iPad competitor: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung has introduced its newest tablet, the Galaxy Tab S4. It looks almost like an iPad Pro and is also intended as a computer replacement, like Apple's tablet. Samsung even copied the format with a 10.5-inch display. A docking station allows a keyboard, a mouse and a display to be connected.

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The battle is over: Apple becomes the first company with a trillion goodwill

Not Amazon or Google, no Apple is the world's first trillion dollar company. The brand with the apple is the first company to crack a magical barrier. For some time there has been speculation which company will break this sound barrier first, now it has happened. Apple is worth $ 1,000,036,178,300. Just a few days ago we found out about this

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Square now lets other apps easily accept payments with new Reader SDK

Square is opening up its payment processing tools to developers for the first time now thanks to its new Square Reader SDK. Square’s new software development kit lets third-party apps integrate with Square Reader hardware so vendors can accept payments in their own apps while still benefiting from Square’s card readers. more ...

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Apple wins the race to trillion

Apple was the first to do it: The company with the apple exceeded the market value of one trillion dollars today. Economically, the large number doesn't mean anything at first, but it is at least very impressive. For a long time [...]

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A real MacGyver: father delivers baby with iPhone earbuds

We have already heard several times that the Apple Watch should have saved a life. But Apple's earphones can also be helpful in medical emergencies, as a father has now discovered.read moreTopics: EarPods: Apple's new headphones for iPhone and iPod, Apple

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Fiber optic expansion: government wants to stop ditch-Schnorrer

Telecommunications companies such as Deutsche Telekom are supposed to abuse the DigiNetz law by laying fiber optic cables directly in publicly funded expansion projects of competitors, reports Der Spiegel. The federal government now wants to improve the law.

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News: Apple crosses the trillion dollar threshold

Apple has officially become the world’s first company to cross the trillion dollar mark, as stocks spiked upward following Tuesday’s quarterly results. According to CNBC, stocks rose nearly three percent, hitting a high of $ 207.05 in midday trading today before dropping back below $ 207 again. While 9to5Mac noticed Apple’s own Stocks app - based on Yahoo Finance - reporting that Apple had already hit the mark, it took Google…

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Apple wins the race: first trillion-dollar company in history

In recent years, many market watchers have taken it for granted that Apple will be the first company with a market value of more than a trillion dollars. However, it has been quite exciting in the last few months, because Amazon had started a massive race to catch up. Half a year ago Apple's stock market value exceeded Amazon's by 50 percent, four months later

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TV streaming: Zattoo introduces a live break

The TV streaming service Zattoo is offering a new feature for its users: Live breaks should now make it possible to pause TV programs for a certain time - more on this in the article. The video shows how you can record and save TV broadcasts with Zattoo.

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: $ 250 off Apple Watch Series 3, GoPro HERO4 Black $ 197, Aluminum MacBook Stand $ 39, more

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The Apple HomePod's market share is 6 percent - in the US

In the USA, market researchers from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) estimate the Apple HomePod's market share at 6 percent. Apple is said to have sold around 3 million smart Siri speakers so far. This is remarkable in two respects, because the Smartspeaker from Apple came after the Google Home and after the Echo from Amazon and the loudspeaker with Siri integration is also more expensive.

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HomePod market share figures: low but noticeable

The HomePod was presented more than a year ago, and sales started around eight months. Market observers initially spoke of very high demand, which, however, plummeted very quickly. This was probably due to the mixed test reports and user feedback, which described the HomePod as a good audio system, but as a poorly intelligent smart speaker.

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Comcast plans to add Prime Video to Xfinity X1

Xfinity TV customers will soon have access to Prime Video as Comcast and Amazon announced today that the app will launch on X1 in the near future. The move will give Xfinity users easier access to their Prime Video features, including the original series

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Samsung U32J590: 32-inch UHD monitor at a low price

Samsung has introduced a UHD monitor with a large screen. The U32J590 delivers 3,840 × 2,160 pixels on a diagonal of 31.5 inches. The VA panel ensures a high contrast ratio and 10-bit color depth. With a refresh rate of 60 Hertz, it is not a gaming model despite FreeSync support. The price is less than 500 euros.

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News: Apple to remove apps from iTunes Affiliate Program as of Oct. 1

Apple has announced that it will no longer be including apps in its iTunes Affiliate Program. According to an e-mail sent to publishers last night, apps for iOS and macOS will no longer be part of the affiliate program, beginning Oct. 1, 2018. This will likely be coincident with the release of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, as Apple explained that its new App Store interfaces on both the Mac and IOS platforms offer “increased methods of app discovery”…

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Fortnite Season 5: All Challenges Week 4 with Solution

Every Thursday all Fortnite enthusiasts have to pay attention again, because the brand new "Weekly Challenges" are unlocked. We'll tell you which tasks you have to master this week and where you can find the extra star this week.

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Compared: Razer Core X with RX Vega 64 vs Blackmagic eGPU [Video]

Now that new quad-core and hexa-core MacBook Pro models are here, I've been eager to see how they pair up with an AMD Vega 64-powered eGPU setup. Specifically, I'd like to see how such a setup compares with the recently released Blackmagic eGPU. Using the Razer Core X, an enclosure I rated as the best overall external graphics chassis for Mac users, I ran a variety of benchmark tests with both the 13-inch and 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro. What did I learn? Watch the video for the details. more ...

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Musical.ly is officially dead

Musical.ly is shutting down for good. After amassing a sizeable user-base, the lip-sync app (the service had a few others as well) will scuttle users to TikTok, a Vine-like video app owned by Chinese internet firm Bytedance according to Variety. The

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Apple becomes the first trillion dollar company

Apple wins the race for a market value of over $ 1 trillion. At the same time, Apple shares are worth more than US $ 205 for the first time. A week ago it looked as if Amazon would make the race, but with surprisingly good quarterly figures, Apple set course for a market capitalization of above one trillion US dollars since Tuesday. That's a one with twelve zeros.

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Apple relies on artificial intelligence in the fight against spam

Apple wants to prevent spam in iMessage with machine learning. The iPhone manufacturer uses artificial intelligence to prevent unsolicited messages in its messenger. He also wants to work with telecommunications providers, especially in China. Because the group has recently been criticized for not putting a stop to "illegal" content. Apple does not leave this uncommented.

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Free! You can play this WipeOut clone for free on Steam

In 1995 the console game WipeOut set absolute standards with its booming techno beats and garish graphics when it comes to space glider racing. A small studio from Spain has now developed an ingenious free clone called "Fuel Renegades", which you can currently download for free on the Steam gaming platform.

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Diary Apps: Five powerful applications for Android and iOS

Who needs a heavy book when a diary can now also be kept more safely and easily with a mobile phone? With the right applications for Android and iOS, you can capture your day and remember beautiful moments in this way. We introduce you to the best apps for Android and iOS. So that you in the next

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Free! You can play this WipeOut clone for free on Steam

In 1995 the console game WipeOut set absolute standards with its booming techno beats and garish graphics when it comes to space glider racing. A small studio from Spain has now developed an ingenious free clone called "Fuel Renegades", which you can currently download for free on the Steam gaming platform.

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WhatsApp: Ads via the status function from 2019

WhatsApp is gradually starting to create opportunities for advertising in the app. It should really get going next year via the status area of ​​the software. Business chat between users and companies is also on the agenda of the Facebook subsidiary, which is chargeable depending on the extent of use. Both measures are intended to generate lucrative income opportunities for the service

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Assembly: The Tangent developers' graphic design tool is currently being presented by Apple

The developers of Pixite have launched some great design apps in the App Store for a long time. Your assembly graphic design application is now getting special attention. Assembly (App Store link) is currently featured in the “Lifehacks” app store category, where the universal app can initially be downloaded free of charge. Additional features can be used with a subscription that starts at 4.99

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News: Daily Deal: Sinji Smart WiFi Camera

Today in iLounge Deals, you can pick up the Sinji Smart WiFi Camera for only $ 45 - that's 54% off the regular price. Featuring 720p HD resolution, this smart Wi-Fi camera will give you a sharp, ultra wide-angle view of what's going on in your house without eating up your internet bandwidth. Infrared technology also allows you to see what’s happening in the dark, and you can view live or review footage saved to a micro SD card. ...

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AAPL hits $ 1 trillion market cap according to Apple’s own Stocks app, but it is wrong

Apple has succeeded in becoming the first public company to hit a trillion dollars ... almost. Due to a recent change in the count of total available shares, Yahoo is reporting that Apple has already hit the $ 1tn mark. Google Finance reports Apple is at about a $ 950 billion market cap right now - although that isn't completely accurate either. With the updated share count, Apple stock has to cross the $ 207.05 level to officially reach the milestone, as explained here. more ...

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Icon in iOS 12 shows iPad without a home button

The symbol suggests an iPad with a narrow display bezel and no notch. It could be a new iPad Pro. In the code of iOS 12 Beta there is a reference to an iPad with Face ID, which supports the omission of the home button.

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One comment: Now Apple has to offer apps cheaper (actually)

Comment: Does Apple offer apps for less? The iPhone manufacturer from Cupertino is finally pulling the plug on its affiliate program for apps. Films, series, books and music will continue to be “provisioned”, but website operators will no longer receive anything if they advertise the billion-dollar business with the apps. For you as a reader of Mac Life, Apple's decision will initially have no impact. But it should!

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Comment: Apple’s ambitious target for Services growth may have unintended consequences

Apple CEO Tim Cook set a goal last year for Apple to double its income from Services. He said in this week’s earnings call that the company was ahead of the game in this ambition. But important as it is for Apple to boost its Services income at a time when hardware sales are relatively flat, the company’s enthusiasm for this target could well have some unintended consequences… more…

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Dailymotion: When the admin password lands on Github

The video platform Dailymotion has to pay a fine for the insufficient protection of over 80 million e-mail addresses. An admin password published in the company's Github repository opened the door to hackers in 2016. (Data protection, virus)

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Reaction to Screen Time: Facebook introduces time accounts for Facebook and Instagram

Facebook introduces new features to help people better manage their time on Facebook and Instagram. There are three new features in the form of an activity dashboard, a daily reminder and a new function for restricting notifications. That looks a lot like Apple Screen Time from iOS 12, but Facebook also mentions other motifs of its own.

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Aldi Talk: All mobile phone tariffs at a glance

Aldi Talk offers you various prepaid tariffs for your smartphone - but which package includes the right conditions for your needs? With us you will find all the details about the tariff options so that you can choose the package that is most attractive for the way you use your smartphone or mobile phone.

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The deals of the week: overview of the offers from the major online retailers

From the classic PC to the beer dispenser: some online retailers have special weekend deals that we don't want to withhold from you. You can currently find very interesting offers in the fields of tablets, notebooks and speakers. Browsing is definitely worth it. We have of course checked the prices and marked offers that are the same elsewhere

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Online trade: Amazon enables indirect payment with cash

Anyone who does not want to reveal their bank details or credit information to Amazon can still shop at the online retailer in the future: With the new "Top up on site" function, customers can pay in cash in certain shops and then use this on Amazon. (Amazon, online shop)

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Community: Photo competition on the subject of "Close-ups"

The ComputerBase community is holding a photo competition again in August. This time we are looking for recordings on the subject of "close-ups". Registered members can submit their photo by August 19th, taking into account the conditions of participation.

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