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dB list

db list: When it comes to noise levels, noises and sound level measurements, it is usually measured in dB decibels. Many people cannot judge what is loud and what is quiet.

If you are looking for an overview and guide values, you can find some key data on volume in a dB list. The questions:

    • How loud is 60 dB?
    • How loud is 40 dB?
    • What is loud?
    • What is measured in dB?
    • When is noise dangerous?

can already find a few answers in a scale or dB table or dB list. Everyday examples that everyone knows illustrate the feeling for noise, noise and noise. A guide to approximate values ​​can be found in lists with everyday examples.

dB list - examples of the volume in decibels

List - overview with examples of noise levels
Sound level dB value in decibels:Sound source - so loud is:
10 decibelslight wind & breathing
20 decibelsBuzz of mosquitoes
30 decibelssoft speaking, whispering
40 decibelsquiet apartment
50 decibelsChirping of birds
60 decibelsConversation conversation
70 decibelsHair dryer or blender
80 decibelsPower drill in action
90 decibelsCar traffic at a distance of 10 meters
100 decibelsSound of a circular saw
110 decibelsConcert visit loudspeaker box
120 decibelsPain threshold close to the thunderstorm
140 decibelsTake off from the plane
160 decibelsBundeswehr gun

They are all just guide values ​​and sound level values ​​that depend on various conditions. The values ​​are used for illustration purposes, so that you have an idea of ​​what is how loud. It should always be noted that interference factors influence the values ​​and, of course, the distance to the sound source and room conditions between the sound and the measurement also have an influence on the measured values.

As an example, these standard values ​​are sufficient, so with a dB list anyone can quickly get an idea of ​​how loud is actually too loud and what is quiet. It is explained very well and comprehensively here.

dB list: Measure yourself with these decibel meters >>>

If you want to know more, you should measure the volume yourself. It's super easy with a sound level meter. You can buy inexpensive devices for on the go and at home from 35 euros.

To measure volume, noise or noise, you can use a simple, digital sound level meter and enter the measured values ​​in a table. A table that is generated in Excel or another table format is suitable for this. So if you want to measure and compare the volume, you can determine useful dB values ​​with a good decibel measuring device.

With the help of a Db scale from 0 to 150 dB you can compare the measurement results with standard values ​​and fixed values. To have an idea of ​​how loud 45 dB is, for example, or when

Guide values ​​in the decibel scale

On the hand of one Decibel table you can get an idea of ​​how many decibels correspond to different noises. When it comes to noise protection, it is important to comply with certain decibel limit values. A Decibel meter can help quickly and easily adjust the volume. Alternatively, you can use the Measure volume with a decibel app, but that's pretty inaccurate.

Noise protection up-to-date - noise protection protects your health!

It is known that noise makes you sick and affects more and more people Misophony Suffer. That is why lamb protection has become increasingly important. It is not for nothing that there is a noise protection ordinance that contains default values ​​for noise protection. These maximum values ​​must not be exceeded and should therefore be checked by regular noise measurements.

With a Decibel meter anyone can easily measure the volume and thus the noise themselves. These measuring devices can be bought and used for this.

Measure decibels yourself and protect yourself from noise:

With inexpensive sound measurement devices, everyone can measure the volume themselves today and thus protect themselves from noise. If I notice that devices, machines or my environment are too loud, then I can take noise protection measures and protect my health.

How loud is ... with one dB knife just measure the volume!

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If the specified volume in dB is exceeded, there may also be penalties. Whether for noise protection on streets, in residential areas or in the disco, EVERYONE has to adhere to the values ​​of the Noise Protection Ordinance in the context of noise protection. Nowadays everyone can carry out a sound measurement themselves. All you need is a small measuring device

dB values ​​when is noise dangerous?

It is well known that noise makes you sick. But you can only protect your health if you are aware of the danger. Anyone who knows from how many decibels the sound and thus noise makes sick can protect himself. Hearing protection and noise protection in the workplace are just a few examples. Even in the home environment, you should therefore pay attention to how loud machines and devices are and protect yourself and your environment from too much noise.

Pain threshold danger sound waves and noise:
Sound level in decibels:Impact on our health:
40 dBDisturbance of concentration begins
65 dBEffects on circulation and heart rhythm, risk of heart attack may increase
85 dBDamage to hearing begins, uncomfortable volume
120 dBPain threshold, noise, sound becomes dangerous and unbearable without protection

As these noise limits show, too much noise has a big impact on ourshealth. That is why it is important that when buying equipment or at work, at home, at home or wherever, one is careful to protect oneself effectively against excessive sound sources.

Measure sound level: which dB meter to buy?

Today everyone can buy a decibel meter because the devices for volume measurement are very cheap. Multimeters that combine several measuring devices in one measuring device are particularly practical. So if you are a craftsman or generally want to measure measured values ​​such as humidity, sound, temperature or electricity from time to time, you should buy a multimeter right away. This means that you are perfectly equipped at home and at work when measurements are due.

Tip for the db list:

Anyone who tunes their car is well advised to measure the noise before they hit the road with their new exhaust or sound system in their car. Police checks are not uncommon and there is a risk of substantial fines, including driving license revocation.