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Wholesale Silver Jewelry: The Pride of India

Gemstone Capital of the World Jaipur

Jaipur is popularly known as the Pink City for the fact that most of its houses and buildings are painted in pink color. This royal city is the capital of Rajasthan 'the heritage state of India. In addition to the world heritage sites and monuments, the city also offers a great shopping experience. From attractive handicrafts to traditional shoes, and from amazingly beautiful pieces of jewelry to almost all gemstones, Jaipur never disappoints its visitors.

Jaipur has experienced the artistic and passionate work of gem cutting for years. All of the different stages of gemstone cutting like drilling, sorting, polishing, cutting and shaping in terms of the color, shape, size, quality and type of gemstone are perfectly done in Jaipur. The whole of Jaipur is dotted with fabulous jewelry and gem markets, including the Johari Bazaar, Chameliwala Market and many more. If you explore these markets and other wholesale markets of silver jewelry you will find fantastic jewelry stores and outlets full of extensive selections of jewelry and gemstones.

Jaipur also includes large distribution centers for the distribution and supply of precious stones and jewelry. This makes it easier to trade in the world, helps meet the requirement for silver jewelry and various other types of jewelry, and also helps meet the growing demand for jewelry and precious stones. Aside from these traits, Jaipur is also fortunate to have experienced, knowledgeable, and talented jewelry artists and workers. The combination of fine skills with valuable gemstones results in one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry.