Where did the Rhobh go in Paris?

Paris train stations, an architectural legacy of the 19th century

Their impressive outlines are important points of reference in the cityscape for both visitors and residents of Paris Paris train stations are closely linked to the development of the capital. They were in 19th century built with the introduction of rail transport and have profoundly changed everyday life in some neighborhoods.

The first train station, Saint-Lazare, was completed in 1837. The Gare du Nord, the Gare de l’Est and the Gare de Lyon followed shortly afterwards. Each one represents an impressive and unique one architectural heritage like the Gare du Nord, with his neoclassical facade and the 23 by famous artists made sculptures.

This historical legacy is definitely worth a visit. However, time has not stood still in the main train stations in Paris. Each individual has undergone fundamental changes over time in order to cope with daily train traffic. This applies in particular to the use of express trains and the steadily growing visitor traffic.

You are in the heart of French and European rail transport and you have come to the right place Commercial centers developed into places of everyday lifethat are attracting more and more people.