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It's that easy to video-monitor your paddock

This post is from Alex

April 13, 2020

Are you a proud horse owner? Do you call a powerful black horse or even a beautiful, brown-spotted mare your own? Have you been with horses since you were a child or at least have one or the other riding participation?

Horses are a really important part in your life and you couldn't imagine spending your everyday life without them?

I think you are in the right place here.

Some readers have written to us asking how we can help them. We were asked if there was a way to give horse owners more security.

How to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling that you have when your own horse is not near you, but in a stable far away or in a spacious meadow or paddock.

Especially nowadays when you hear every now and then how some madmen simply do something to horses. It hurts without any sense or understanding.

Our reader Hubertus F. asked us which wildlife camera we would recommend, for example to sensibly monitor a horse paddock, horse box or stable.

First things first, a normal game camera like the Apeman or Wildvision will not be of much use to you in this case because you certainly do not have the time and energy to dash to the game camera every time, take out the SD card and then determine what happened, right ? So what type of camera should you use? More on that now!

Are you looking for the best game camera to keep an eye on your horses from a distance? Then you should read this!

ICUcam4 wildlife camera with SIM card and APP in the test!

Are you a horse owner and do you feel uncomfortable when you are not with your horses? Always want to know what's going on in the barn when you're not there? Then just have pictures from the stable or the paddock sent to your mobile phone. I will explain exactly how this works in this article!

Video surveillance of horse trailers - you should definitely pay attention to this!

Especially for those of you who take part in active equestrian sports know what I'm talking about. You have just arrived at some riding stables with your horse trailer, it is late and for whatever reason you can no longer bring the horse into the horse box.

The whole time you ask yourselves? Is my horse safe in the trailer? Is it positioned in such a way that a car can't accidentally crash into the trailer? Hopefully nobody will steal my horse or just leave it free to annoy us?

Whatever is going on in your head, whatever scenario you may imagine. You can't think so stupidly what can happen. You surely want to know from me which wildlife camera is the most suitable for your concern?

The answer is very clear! You definitely need a game camera with a SIM card! The market is of course full of security cameras with 3G reception. Which one should you buy? What should I pay attention to when buying in order to monitor my horse in the best possible way and, if possible, even in real time?

What use is it to you if someone is busy on the trailer and you only copy the pictures or videos of the surveillance from the SD card the next day. Then you are only the video material donor for the police, so you can hand the SD card over to the police and hope that they catch the perpetrator (s). But it won't do your horse any good.

So, if you want to monitor your horse in the horse trailer then you should definitely use a surveillance camera with cell phone reception. In my opinion, the best choice here is the ICUserver wildlife camera.

You ask yourself why and why not a “commercial” surveillance camera? Well, a normal camera needs on the one hand a 220 V power supply and on the other hand a monitor that is connected to the camera.

The cool thing about the ICuserver surveillance camera, however, is the mega blatant cell phone reception of its same addiction. What else the ICUserver can do, you can read here in my detailed test!

Now we come to a topic that might also be of burning interest to one or the other!

The video surveillance in the horse stable

Especially the mare owners among you will certainly nod violently when I say how exciting a horse birth can be.

You can imagine how excited you are, especially when you are giving birth for the first time. You just want to be there without having to pitch your tent camp in the horse stable for weeks.

So what do you do to be there when the horse is born? Of course, you need a wildlife camera that sends you pictures or videos live on your mobile phone as soon as something happens in front of the lens.

In the stable or definitely in the paddock you will have the same problem again as with the horse trailer. Exactly, you definitely don't have a power outlet nearby, that means you need a self-sufficient surveillance camera here as well.

Video surveillance of the horse paddock - where is the best place to put the game camera?

I certainly don't need to tell you that video surveillance in the paddock is the most difficult. Why? Well, there are several "problems" here.

On the one hand, such a paddock is of course quite spacious, i.e. you definitely need several wildlife cameras that monitor the whole area properly.

On the other hand, you also have the problem here that there is certainly no reliable 220V power supply, so you are again dependent on 4G wildlife cameras. Why, of all things, 4G wildlife cameras and not 4G surveillance cameras?

The cool thing about wildlife cameras in general is that they are camouflaged and therefore potential thieves do not have the chance to steal the technology at the paddock.

A standard surveillance camera would simply attract too much attention and could be stolen directly. But let's get back to the topic. At the beginning I mentioned that you have to install several wildlife cameras for a holistic horse paddock video surveillance.

Depending on how big the paddock is, between 5-10 pieces. The cool thing about the ICUserver 4G wildlife camera, for example, is that you can interconnect all cameras and all images are sent directly to your mobile phone app. So you don't need a separate app for each wildlife camera, you can manage everything in one.

As far as I know, only ICUserver can do that. Also very awesome is the fact that you can use up the SIM card balance, which you need to send pictures or videos to your mobile phone via 3G network, for all of your wildlife cameras?

You no longer have to buy the credit separately for each camera, you can top up e.g. 20 EURO once and use it with all surveillance cameras. This saves you a lot of money, you don't need to top up credit for each camera individually. That's pretty stupid because your cameras tend to have them.

Foal birth in the paddock - how do I organize the surveillance?

What makes most people very nervous is when the mare is about to throw. Here you just want to be there, want to be there when the birth starts. So what is to be done?

In any case, when it is imminent, try to shield the mare appropriately. Blocks a small area in the paddock, which then allows the mare to be monitored with a wildlife camera.

The enclosure should really not be larger than 500 m2 and ideally square. In this way you can ensure that the 20 - 25 m illumination areas of the LED blacklight flashlights illuminate every area perfectly.

When the birth really starts you will only really get the pictures on your mobile phone from then on. As long as the mare is still lying down and resting, you won't get any information on your smartphone.

Can you actually video-monitor horse paddocks - my conclusion:

The safety of the beloved animals is the most important from my point of view. I don't want to wake up one morning feeling like I haven't done anything to protect my horse. Since all the technical aids are available today that are needed to weigh my horses safely, I believe that they should also be used.

From a technical point of view, the task in itself is not a problem. With the 4G wildlife cameras you have the pictures on your mobile phone or in your mailbox within seconds and are always well informed if something strange is going on in your paddock or the stable. Thanks to face recognition, you can get a grip on unnecessary and often annoying images in the past.

Take a look at my detailed test of the ICUserver 4G wildlife camera, all you have to do is click here and read.

No matter what the manufacturers say, I've tested it! Welcome to my wildlife camera blog. My name is Alex, a family man, employee and passionate tech nerd. For more than 4 years now, I have been working privately with wildlife cameras. I would like to share this knowledge and my accumulated experience with you. Have fun on my blog!

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