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Meet a smile, open ears & hope

There are days when things go very well. The sun is shining, you make yourself a coffee, have breakfast and start your day. Everything motivates you and you are happy to lead this life. It can stay that way. But today it's different. It doesn't go "like clockwork". You are worried You have something on your mind.

We at approachable want to offer the opportunity to have a conversation with a pastor. For this we go to the people.

The talks are conducted without intention and open-ended. So maybe you don't yet know exactly where the problem is and only have one feeling: Talk to us, because with us you will find open ears. We are more concerned with human closeness, compassion and understanding than professional, therapeutic advice. In the event of problems that require further professional support, reference is made to the corresponding offers of a counseling center or other specialist centers.

The motor for our actions is charity. Our goal is to be close to all people in order to give them value and dignity. An offer from the Ecumenical CitySeelsorge Aachen is approachable, therefore free of charge and regardless of whether you are a believer and which religion you belong to.