RF scanner using cheat sheet

Spiking has to be learned. Here you will find some tips for spicing, sorted by category As you will see, there are no limits to creativity.

Of course we don't want to ask you to cheat. The best cheat sheet is the one that contains the essential exam material but is no longer needed during the exam because you have already learned the material by the time you wrote the cheat sheet.

peck yesterday peck today peck tomorrow

Important note: the consequences of using cheat sheets according to the general school regulations!

General school rules

Performance evaluation, transfer

ยง 21 Performance Evaluation

1. The performance evaluation should provide information about the status of the student's learning process; it should also be the basis for the further development of the student. It is intended to be an essential aid in providing advice on the student's educational path through the school.

2. The performance evaluation relates to the knowledge, skills and abilities imparted in the classroom.

3. When assessing student performance, the characteristics of the school level, the type of school and the subject must be taken into account. The scope as well as the independent and correct application of knowledge, skills and abilities as well as the type of presentation are assessed.

4. The performance evaluation is based on all performance achieved by the student in connection with the lessons, in particular written work, oral contributions and practical guidance. The performance of the participation in the classroom is to be taken into account for the assessment of a student as well as the other performance.

5. On request, the student is to be informed about his performance level at any time.

6. If the student has not provided the required performance records for reasons for which he is not responsible, performance records can be made up in accordance with the training and examination regulations and the performance level of the student can be determined by an examination.

7. If a student refuses to perform, this will be assessed as unsatisfactory.

8. If a student avails himself of unauthorized help to provide a service, he is committing an act of deception. In the case of a minor act of deception, the part performed without deception will be assessed; the remaining part is assessed as not having been completed. In the case of extensive acts of deception, the entire performance is rated as an unsatisfactory performance. If there is uncertainty about the scope of the act of deception, the repetition of the work will be ordered. If an act of deception is discovered only after completion of the service, the procedure must be followed accordingly.