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Cardboard plate (civil Kevin Teller, * 24. January 1997) is a German-speaking YouTuber and (sellout) streamer on Twitch.

Life [edit | Edit source]

Kevin Teller was born on January 24th, 1997 in Bad Saarow (then almost 4,000 inhabitants). There he went to elementary school at the age of 5 1/2, and after the 4th grade he switched to the grammar school (in Brandenburg usually after the 6th grade). At the age of 11 he started dancing, a short time later he also took part in professional dance tournaments. In 7th grade he and two friends opened the YouTube channel SchnitzelTV, the content consisted of challenges and comedy videos. After the group finally broke up, he began to be active on the well-known live streaming platform Twitch, where he called himself Papaplatte. In addition, Teller did his Abitur at a Brandenburg high school with a grade point average of 2.1Ø (15 points in math). After graduating from high school, following the example of his father, he began studying electrical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin; Teller was de-registered, however. Two months later, he also dropped out of dance training because he now wanted to focus entirely on the live streams.

Channels [edit | Edit source]

YouTube [edit | Edit source]

Papaplatte's main channel channel (approx. 572,000 subscribers) on YouTube consists mainly of vlogs and comedy videos. However, these appear at very irregular intervals. He also runs the Domo channel (around 360,000 subscribers), on which mainly reaction videos are uploaded. Gaming videos are usually published weekly on Papaplatte Gaming, and the channel has around 170,000 subscribers.

Stream excerpts are mainly uploaded on all three channels, but some videos are also produced exclusively for YouTube. Live chat can also be seen most of the time.

Twitch [edit | Edit source]

Just Chatting is mainly streamed on Papaplatte's Twitch channel. There is also irregular gaming, IRL streams with friends and rarely a cooking stream. Sellout streams are no longer profitable for him, as the content of the clips sent could constitute a violation of the increasingly strict twitch rules. The short-term consideration of the previous viewing of the videos is associated with excessive personnel costs.

He has more than 1,300,000 followers and just under 20,000 subs.

According to his stream schedule, he streams every weekday at 3 p.m., exceptions are Thursday and Friday. However, his streams usually start at 2:00 p.m., they usually last until 10:00 p.m., and more often until 3:00 a.m.

On January 30, 2021, he and Trymacs opened a Pokémon display for which they had paid € 40,000. They had sold individual boosters to other streamers and YouTubers. Together they reached over 350,000 live stream viewers, setting a new record. The event was the highlight of the Pokémon hype in Germany.

Instagram [edit | Edit source]

His Instagram page papaplatte has around 350,000 subscribers, his pictures mainly show himself. In the stories he usually shares very short clips that show him in his everyday life.

Twitter Edit source]

On his Twitter account @papaplatte, he tweets via his streams (excerpts etc.) or shares memes.

Podcast Edeltalk [edit | Edit source]

Together with Reeze he runs the Edeltalk podcast, new episodes are published weekly "on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and all podcatchers".

The consequences usually have a duration of 50-60 minutes, topics of conversation are episodes from their lives and their assessments of current trends and topics. They also recommend series and music. The podcast has its own Instagram page to which around 30,000 people subscribed. Pictures of the individual podcast episodes are uploaded there if they are difficult to describe and important for understanding the conversation. He is followed by around 22,000 on Twitter (@edeltalk), and new episodes are announced on the site.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

Papaplatte is known, among other things, for its foulness, of which there are also many memes. Some of them are labeled "Abitur Brandenburg", which he also makes fun of himself.

His language is characterized by Anglicisms, he often uses words like "Mates", "Dude", "nice" etc. He also often uses twitchemotes to describe his thoughts (e.g. "Omegalul", "Pogchamp", "Pepelaugh", "MonkaS / W, ...).

In a Hyperbole interview from March 2020, he reported that his monthly income would be "in a very good five-digit range", "sometimes even six-digit". He later stated that they had increased significantly again in the meantime.