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Statistics - or how many people are bi?

Let's be honest - an exact number of how many people are bisexual just doesn't exist. After all, many people only discover their bisexuality in the course of their lives. However, there are studies that have looked at how many people are bisexual. In sex research, for example, the Kinsey Report from 1948 is known. He came to the conclusion that 46 percent of the people examined are considered bisexual. Small drawback - the study also included everyone who only had a homosexual experience once in their life or only had sexual fantasies of this kind. However, the results are different when a researcher asks who would describe themselves as bisexual. A representative study from 1994 examined the sexual behavior of German citizens. Only 3.4 percent of men and 4.5 percent of women stated that they were bisexual. But let's be honest - actually, the exact numbers don't matter. The main thing is that you feel good and love yourself.

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