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GTA 5: Spaceship parts - localities on the map and in the video - and what happens then?

In addition to the various entertaining and entertaining story missions, GTA 5 has to look for various collectibles. One of those collectibles in GTA 5 are spaceship parts. Here you can find out where to find the UFO wreckage. We show you the locations on the map and in the video and also tell you what you will get as a reward for all the effort.


GTA 5 - Grand Theft Auto V.

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There are a total of 50 spaceship parts to be found in GTA 5. If you have collected them all, you will receive the achievement"From Beyond the Stars". In order for the spaceship parts to appear in the game world, you must first have the "Strangers and Freaks" Mission "Far Out" start. Then you can start collecting. The following Map shows you all locations of the spaceship parts in Los Santos.

All spaceship parts in GTA 5 - what does the reward look like?

You start the “Strangers and Freaks” mission “Far Out” at the hippie blend Omega in the desert of Sandy Shores. However, it will not be available until you complete the story mission "Fame and Shame" have completed.

  • You can collect the spaceship parts with Franklin, Michael or Trevor. But you can only start and finish the actual mission at Omega with Franklin.
  • A hum can be heard near the UFO parts. If you hear this, keep your eyes open for one white-blue flashing box. You can take Chop with you to help you find the spaceship parts more quickly.
  • The search for the 50 spaceship parts in GTA 5 should not only provide an additional pastime in the open-world adventure.
  • There will be a reward after all 50 parts have been found. You will then receive an SMS from Omega asking you to drive to his control center.
  • There you will get a spaceship-like vehicle for free, with which you can leave the vastness of Los Santos behind you in alien style.

Note! Some of the spaceship parts are underwater or a helicopter is needed to reach them. In the linked guide we show you possible locations of helicopters.

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Locations of all spaceship parts in the video

So that the search for the alien parts is not too tedious, you can watch the following video on the YouTube channel PowerPyx find out exactly where the individual spaceship parts are and how you can best get to collectibles that are particularly difficult to reach

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