When you drive on multi-lane roads

Behavior in the multi-lane roundabout

The StVO regulates the behavior in the roundabout

How you have to behave in the roundabout is regulated in the StVO. Most gyroscopes only have one track. As a novice driver, if you are not sure who has right of way, you can use the single-lane design as a guide. This is how you first learn the basics of driving around a roundabout.

  • In general, all vehicles moving around the roundabout have right of way. If you want to enter traffic, you must wait and give priority to all vehicles driving in circles.
  • If you have entered the roundabout, you have priority. They don't blink when you enter the roundabout. Only turn on the indicator before you exit.

These basic rules of behavior must be firmly internalized before you enter a two-lane or even multi-lane roundabout.

The multi-lane roundabout is challenging to drive

The rules of right of way described also apply to the multi-lane roundabout. You have the right of way when you are in the roundabout and have to wait before you can enter. However, it is often the case, at least during the day, that the multi-lane roundabout at the entrance, but also inside, is regulated by traffic lights.

  • Before entering the roundabout, orientate yourself in the direction of the exit. Roads leading to multi-lane roundabouts are always multi-lane. In general: the further the exit is on the right, the further you have to get into the right lane.
  • Multi-lane roundabouts often have more than four exits. The tracks are arranged in such a way that they lead from the inside out. So you cannot drive in circles all the time.
  • If you want to pass one of the first exits, you should get as far to the right as possible before the roundabout. The right lanes lead directly to the nearby exits.
  • If you have to drive over the roundabout, it is helpful if you get into one of the middle lanes beforehand. Use the left lane if you have to pass one of the left exits.

When entering the roundabout, it is important that you follow the lanes exactly. Use the arrows on the road for orientation. These indicate whether they lead to an exit or go through the roundabout. Do not change lanes carelessly or spontaneously, as this poses a high risk of an accident.