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When one talks about some of the greatest sitcoms of all time, it goes without saying that The Office would be mentioned in this conversation at some point or the other. It's easy to see why this is the case - after all, the fact of the matter is that the mockumentary format was perfect for this show, which took everything that made the original UK version a massive hit and cranked it up all the way to the max. One of the biggest reasons whyThe Office was a massive hit is mainly due to its colorful cast of characters, each of whom is memorable in its own unique way.

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From the bumbling office manager Michael Scott to the pranking heartthrob Jim Halpert, there's no shortage when it comes to the sheer number of characters that have become beloved for all the right reasons. However, there's one particular character that might not be privy to this universal love and adoration that everyone else has experienced - Ryan Howard. The cocky intern has had a rocky career path in Dunder Mifflin, and his attitude has rubbed a ton of viewers off the wrong way. It doesn't help that there are some aspects of his character that make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

10 Kelly Being With Him Makes No Sense Whatsoever

For the longest time, Ryan treats Kelly with absolutely no respect and constantly cheats on her throughout their relationship. The fact that Kelly's so self-destructive that she sticks with Ryan even after all the crap she's gone through as a result of his actions is certainly quite suspect indeed.

9 Him Being With Kelly Makes No Sense Whatsoever Either

The inverse of the statement made before is true as well - Kelly is extremely manipulative and constantly lies to Ryan in a bid to force him into being in a relationship with her.

If this wasn't an instant red flag for Ryan, then nothing is. The fact that he still ended up with Kelly by the end of the series is certainly quite flabbergasting indeed.

8 B.J. Novak's Name Is Featured In Every Intro, Which Is Somewhat Overkill

While it's understandable that B.J. Novak is a writer and executive producer on the show, it's still somewhat odd to see this minor character be credited as a member of the main cast in pretty much every single episode, save for season 9 when he left the show.

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Surely the showrunners should've realized that doing so would cause unnecessary confusion for viewers after a point?

7 Ryan's MBA Seems Completely Useless

For all the pomp and ceremony attached to Ryan's MBA degree, it's still quite odd to see just how incredibly useless this achievement was for him in the long haul.

At the end of the day, working at Dunder Mifflin was still his biggest achievement, which is an absolute waste of his education.

6 He Should Know What A Variable Price Model Is

Speaking of his degree, it should go without saying that a person who'd done an MBA would know what a variable price model is.

However, Ryan Howard is an exception to this norm - he completely draws a blank when this question is thrown at him, which makes one wonder whether he even learned anything concrete in the first place.

5 The Fact That He Took So Many Drugs That It Messed His Brain Up Is Quite Odd

Ryan might be a cocky person with absolutely no self-restraint whatsoever ... but there has to be a limit to how far he can go, right? Apparently not.

After becoming a VP, Ryan ends up taking so many drugs that it permanently damages his brain, which is quite a saddening turn of events indeed. Surely he would've realized that drugging himself up for months would not bode well for him in the long haul?

4 whether Dwight Ever Liked Him Or Not Will Remain A Mystery

There's an episode where Dwight talks about how he likes his co-workers, barring four exceptions. Since this was the early moments of the show, Jim is definitely a candidate. Meanwhile, out of the other three, it's possible that Ryan is also a part of this hate-list due to Michael being more pally with him.

However, over time, Dwight warms up to everyone in the office by the last season ... but Ryan isn't there to receive this adoration from Dwight. So, it's only a given for people to wonder whether Dwight finally got over his jealously and warmed up to Ryan.

3 For Someone Who Dreams Of Running His Own Business, Ryan Is Really Lazy

Ryan is shown to be extremely ambitious, with dreams of running a business and the like. So, keeping this in mind, it's rather odd to see how extremely lazy he is when it comes to actually making his dreams a reality.

It certainly doesn't help that Ryan throws away the opportunities that do come to him and never really thinks of the bigger picture while formulating an idea either.

2 It Wasn't Really Smart Of Him To Stand Up To Jim After The Latter Became Co-Manager

For someone who should realize the pecking order, it's rather odd that Ryan took Jim's position as a manager lightly and never really found himself threatened by his once-fellow co-worker.

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If he still listened to Michael's demands - as weird as they would've been - then he should've definitely tried to stay in Jim's books as well. Instead, he found himself in a horrible situation where he was completely closed off from the rest of the office on one of the worst working desks ever shown on a screen.

1 He Should've Found A Better Place To Raise Funds For WUPHF Rather Than The Scranton Branch

Ryan's initiative to start WUPHF could've been fairly decent if he'd implemented his ideas properly. Instead, he chose to make another social media initiative that was just intrusive and annoying.

He surely would've realized that getting his funds from Dunder Mifflin would've been a challenge since everyone could see past his smooth talk and point out the holes in his business as well. Going to his school and college friends would've been a better initiative in this regard.

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