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5 things boys want from girls - and vice versa!

Often we drive ourselves unnecessarily crazy because we wonder what the guys of girl wish and also guys worry about what's going on girl wish from them. But don't panic: boys and girls are similar in love and basically want exactly the same thing from a relationship. So making each other happy is not difficult at all. We have summarized the most important points for you.


These 5 things every boy wants from a girl (and every girl from a boy!)


1. Togetherness

Anyone who enters into a relationship is now a couple. That means: In your new situation as a couple, your boyfriend / girlfriend simply wishes for a few moments without the whole clique around you. So: off to the cinema, to the lake, to the park, wherever - but definitely as a couple!

So funny - everyone knows these situations!


2. Familiarity

Fortunately, it comes naturally over time. And it's so valuable! Because little by little everything is no longer "new" and "unfamiliar" - but more and more known, familiar and beautiful between you. And as I said, the best thing about it is: it happens all by itself!


3. Confidentiality

Does he / she tell you a secret? In a relationship it should be clear: That stays between you! Even if you haven't explicitly stated this beforehand. So: pull yourself together and don't run to your BFF right away - promise? ;-)


4. Pride

It is so logical - and yet many people forget it: Of course, your boyfriend / girlfriend will be happy when you are proud to have him or her by your side! So: Introduce him / her when you show up somewhere together: "This is my boyfriend / girlfriend!" Without saying it out loud resonates with this sentence: "And I'm proud of it!"


5. feelings

Really clear, right? ;-) After all, you two decided to be more than just friends. So: when the time is right, stand by your feelings! And if you're still not sure how to show your feelings to a boy / girl, here are a few tips. There is no fixed time for this. Your gut feeling alone decides that!

And that was about it! Not that complicated, is it? And the best thing is: These are exactly the things you expect from a relationship yourself - right? :-)