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Pronunciation / ˈfrɪkandəʊ /


  • 1A slice of meat, especially veal, cut from the leg.

    ‘These are very small fricandeaux, two or three of which are served on one dish, and they sometimes also are delicate, but highly-flavored minces, formed into any approved shapes.’
    • ‘It may be used with the feather of a quill, to color meats, such as the upper part of fricandeaux, and to impart color to sauces.’
    piece, portion, wedge, chunk, hunk, rag, slab, segment
    1. 1.1 A dish consisting of a veal fillet stewed or fried and served with a sauce.
      ‘The fricandeau is a typical meal of Lozère.’
      • "The leg is used for cutlets, fricandeaux, stews and roasts, and for braising."
      • ‘It is a beautiful accompaniment to succulently poached white meat like breast of chicken, or fricandeau of veal.’
      • ‘At Mère Catherine's they had the fricandeau of veal with sorrel.’
      • ‘He had had the occasion to try her fricandeau at José Comas's place.’
      • ‘This option consists of a buffet where you can choose from semi-old cheese, mince, fricandeau, ham and pâté as well as salad, tomatoes and light dressing, farm bread, pickles and mustard.’


French, probably related to fricassée ‘stew’, from the verb fricasser (see fricassee).