How to demagnetize a magnet temporarily deactivate it

What can I use to deactivate a magnet?

Hey, this might be a weird question. But I noticed one thing.

So I myself am male and 16 years old. I noticed that at my age it is difficult to find a girlfriend of the same age, as they mostly like older people who already have "something to offer", in other words, a car, their own apartment, etc.

But strangely enough I attract the 13/14 year old girls like a magnet. I'm not even particularly pretty, or have a lot of money or something. I also don't have any criminal friends or drugs. (Of course, drugs are not good, but in town, when you have drugs, you attract all the women, no idea why they are all so hollow, haha.)
The only thing that is "special" about me compared to other guys is my "high" IQ. But you can't impress female beings with that anyway. : D

In addition, compared to "other guys", I am completely bored, I never go out to party and do not drink alcohol at all. And in our society today, that has a negative impact on girls.

But still I attract all the "little girls" like a magnet.
(Is not meant bad, but 13/14 year old girls are in my opinion almost "children", hence the name.)

Is that normal? I always thought you had to be able to "offer" girls something special, but apparently it is enough to be a few years older and have a part-time job that earns you € 100 a month. : D

Greetings, Efecan