What is brown mold on the walls

Brown mold - as dangerous as black mold

Brown mold is dangerous to your health! © Maler.org

Brown mold is a manifestation of the mold. The parasite comes in different colors, textures and shapes. Besides the brown, there is also green or black mold. In contrast to the white mold, a dry mold, they are rather moist and slimy. Often they are filamentous, that is, thread-like mushrooms. The type of parasite, however, is usually less important. The danger is always the same with every infestation: the spores detach from the fungus, get into the air and are inhaled by humans. This is hazardous to health, for example allergies or even severe respiratory diseases are possible. You can have the brown mold in the apartment removed by a specialist.

Brown mold: Mold stains are serious warning signs

Like all mold, brown mold is caused by high humidity and poor air circulation. The water settles on the walls, the masonry cannot dry out and the poisonous fungus can grow unhindered. While the small black dots on tiles or walls are often noticed with black mold, brown mold is not so quickly visible. When the brown mold spots are noticed on the wall, the parasite has already spread over a large area and makes it inevitable to renovate the apartment. A layperson should not fight the mold himself in order not to inhale the poisonous spores and to prevent possible diseases. Mold is particularly dangerous in the kitchen, where the spores can infect the food and this is then consumed unsuspectingly. For your own safety, you should fall back on the knowledge of a painter who specializes in removing mold and instruct him to fight it.

Brown mold must be combated with a specialist

Removing brown mold and painting it with anti-mold paint only temporarily eliminates the problem. It is not a protection against renewed infestation. It is important to professionally determine the causes of brown mold on the wall in order to then take measures that keep the fungus away in the long term. Correct ventilation is only one part of fighting mold. Mold growth is usually caused by poorly sealed walls. The condition of the building envelope and the installation of the thermal insulation should therefore be examined by an expert. A complete renovation is then unavoidable and prevents mold infestation permanently. In the long run, this approach saves costs. Unnecessary heating to dry the walls is then no longer necessary.

If brown mold infects the interior of your apartment, we recommend that you use a specialist. You can find out more about the painting companies in your area and ask for non-binding offers for mold remediation.



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