What is Drechslera mold

What is a mold?

A gray horse is a white horse - everyone knows that! But it's not that simple. Here you can find out why black, brown, gray or other colored horses can also be gray!

"White horse" is the name given to all horses that are white or will become so in the course of their lives. Many gray horses are born in one of the numerous basic colors of horses. So they are not recognizable as mold at the beginning of their life, because they can have all possible fur colors!

In the course of time they "go moldy". This is what experts call the property of the fur to become lighter and lighter. There are more and more small white fur hairs until it is completely white at some point - but that can take 10 years. All molds carry a certain gene, the so-called "gray gene", which ensures that less and less coat color is produced over the years. And when a hair runs out of color, it's white.

But there is also an indication of whether it will be white later on in foals or not: If white hair can be seen around the eyes, one can assume that the foal is gray and that its coat color over the years will lose. Ah!