How to cook soybeans for chicken feed

Do you have to cook soybeans before eating?


Soybeans are one of the most valuable sources of protein in the diet. The proteins contained in soy have a high bioavailability, which is even higher than that of peas or lentils.

Numerous foods such as tofu, tempeh, soy yoghurts and desserts contain soy, and soy can also be used wonderfully in the home kitchen. As a soy stew, in falafel, patties and much more.

But do soybeans have to be cooked before consumption, or can they also be eaten raw? In this article, we address this important question that concerns many people.

Phasin in soybeans

Like almost all legumes (pulses), raw soybeans also contain so-called phasin, a substance from the group of lectins. Phasin can cause severe digestive discomfort, vomiting, bloody stools and, in serious cases, even death. In children, even a few soybeans consumed raw can lead to symptoms.

For this reason, pulses should not be consumed raw (with a few exceptions). Soybeans must also always be boiled or fried before consumption, as heat destroys the natural poison. Phasin is also partially broken down by germination, but care should be taken to discard soybeans that have not germinated before consumption.

By the way: Soybean sprouts are usually not the seedlings of soybeans, but sprouted mung beans. Mung beans naturally contain practically no phasin and are therefore an exception in legumes, which - in normal quantities - can also be consumed uncooked without hesitation.

Phytic acid in soybeans

Another aspect of why soybeans should be cooked before eating is the phytic acid content. It is a kind of pesticide that is produced by pulses themselves and protects them from predators. Some people refer to phytic acid as an "anti-nutrient", but small amounts can also be beneficial in a balanced, vegan diet.

Phytic acid can also be reduced through germination. For this reason, it is often recommended to soak soybeans well (for example overnight) before cooking, as this triggers the germination process.

Your favorite among the milk alternatives?

Incidentally, fermentation is not a good protection against phasin. However, fermented soy products such as. B. Tempeh and Nattō are heated in the manufacturing process and can therefore be consumed without further heating. However, soybeans are rather unsuitable for a raw diet.

Instructions: How to cook soybeans properly

  • Buy dried soybeans. You can find these e.g. B. in the organic market, usually on the shelf with the legumes, where also lentils and beans are. By the way: There are also organic soybeans from Europe!
  • Pour the soybeans into a colander and rinse them briefly under running water. Sort out broken or dark beans.
  • Put the soybeans in a bowl with three times the amount of water and let them soak for 12 hours.
  • Put the beans in a saucepan with water (you can use the soaking water for this) and cook them for 45-60 minutes. If you use a pressure cooker, the cooking time can be reduced to around 15-20 minutes.

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Author: Kilian Thirty