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Blasphemous prayer for the war against Germany

On April 6, 1917, the United States of America declared war on the German Reich and on December 7, the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The entry of the USA into the war against the German Reich and Austria-Hungary (but not against the Ottoman Empire!) Gave the following scene in the session of the 65th Congress of the United States a ghostly color: On January 10, 1918 one “prayed” larger group of congressmen under the "prayer leader" Billy A.Sunday, a son of immigrants from Germany named "Sonntag", the following common blasphemous "prayer":

“Almighty God, our Heavenly Father,… Thou knowest, O Lord, that we are in a life-and-death struggle with one of the most infamous, vile, greedy, avaritious, bloodthirsty, sensual, and vicious nations that has ever disgraced the pages of history. You knowest that Germany has drawn from the eyes of mankind enough tears to make another sea; that she has drawn blood enough to redden every wave upon that sea; that she has drawn enough groans and shrieks from the hearts of men, women, and children to make another mountain. We pray Thee that Thou wilt make bure Thy mighty arm and beat back that great pack of hungry, wolfish Huns, whose fangs drip with blood and gore. We pray Thee that the stars in their courses and the winds and waves may fight against them.

We pray Thee that Thou will bless our beloved President and give him strength of mind and body and courage of heart for his arduous duties in these sorrow-laden, staggering days. and the Secretary of the Navy; and bless, we pray Thee, the Naval Strategy Board. Bless, we pray Thee, Lord, the generals at the head of our Army. Bless the boys across the sea, "somewhere in France", and bless those protecting our transports, lended to the water’s edge with men and provisions. Bless our boys at home who are in the cantonments. Bless, we pray Thee, the Senate and the House of Representatives, and give them wisdom and strength, for they seem to have come into the kingdom for such a time as this. And Lord, may every man, woman, and child, from Maine to California and from Minnesota to Lousiana, stand up to the last ditch and be glad and willing to suffer and endure until final victory shall come. Bless our allies, and may victory be ours. And in Thy own time and Thy own way we pray Thee that Thou wilt release the white-winged dove of peace until thou shalt dispel the storm clouds that hang lowering over this sin-cursed, blood-soaked and sorrowing world; and when it is all over we shall uncover our heads and lift our faces to the heavens and sing with a new meaning -

My country, 'tis of thee
Sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I sing.

And the praise shall be to Thee forever, through Jesus Christ. Amen."

So translated:

“Almighty God! Our heavenly Father! ... You know that we are in a life and death struggle against one of the most shameful, mean, greedy, avaricious, bloodthirsty, horniest and most sinful nations that has ever ravaged the pages of history.

You know that Germany has pressed enough tears from the eyes of mankind to fill a new sea, that it has shed enough blood to redden every wave on the ocean, that there are enough screams and moans from the hearts of men, Pressed women and children to pile mountains out of them. ...

We ask you to bare your mighty arm and fight back the mighty pack of hungry, wolfish Huns, from whose fangs blood and slime are dripping. We ask you, let the stars in their orbits and the winds and waves fight against them ... And when it is all over, we will bare our heads and raise our faces to heaven ... And praise and praise be to you forever, through Jesus Christ. Amen."


206. Congressional record - The proceedings and debates of the second session of the 65th Congress of the United States of America, Vol. LVI, p. 761f. (Meeting on January 10, 1918)

In addition to the original Congressional Records, publication in the following works can also be referred to as more easily accessible:
Franz Uhle-Wettler: Erich Ludendorff in his time. Soldier strategist revolutionary. A reassessment, 2nd edition VGB Verlagsgesellschaft Berg / Edition Kurt Vowinckel Berg 1996
Franz Uhle-Wettler: Grand Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz, Hamburg 1998.
It also contains other notable evidence of British and American political thought during the First World War, as well as other literature references.
On the person of the prayer leader, William Ashley "Billy" Sunday (born November 19, 1862, + November 6, 1935), see:

William McLoughlin: Billy Sunday was his real name, Chicago: Univ. of Chicago, 1955, on his prayer role on January 10, 1918, see p. 260.

Billy Sundays' most famous saying is characteristic: "If you turn hell upside down you will find‘ Made in Germany ’stamped on the bottom" (if you turn hell upside down, you will find "made in Germany" stamped on the bottom).

My thanks go to Lieutenant General a.D. Dr. Franz Uhle-Wettler, Meckenheim, who pointed out this blasphemous background to the entry into the war of the United States of America against the German Reich in 1918. Thanks also to the one who kindly made the German translation available to me, but prefers to remain anonymous given the current “politically correct” freedom of expression in Germany.


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    • “Rome against German rebirth

      Religion ”to whine; although nothing genuine religion was and is more endangered than by the systematic cultivation of Marxism by the center directed by Roman prelates. The National Socialist movement has no religious dogmatics to pursue, either for or against a creed, but the fact that one wants to deny a person in political life the right to represent a religious conviction that runs counter to the Roman one shows to what extent Degree the mental gagging has already prospered. The admissibility of activity in the national camp is measured by the valuation of Roman dogmatics, instead of such presumptuousness appearing from the outset to be psychologically impossible. An undoubtedly serious attempt to cleanse the personality of Christ from non-Christian Pauline, Augustine and other ingredients results in a unanimously expressed anger among the ruling beneficiaries of the distortion of the spiritual figure of Jesus Christ, not because high religious values ​​have been touched, but because one political power reached by a fearful awakening of millions seemed threatened by a proud awakening. "Alfred Rosenbeg" The Myth of the 21st Century "Problem: We are all enemies. Church Christians do not see the church being judged. They, Pope, wear a kind of kippah.

    • 20th century ... want to make the world a better place, that people's voice counts, take on all elites, turn everyone into an enemy ...