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On the heels

Find Flenni Rust Rocket in the Orgrimmar Bank in the Valley of Strength, the Auction House and the Orgrimmar Barber.


Bank of Orgrimmar visited (1)


Orgrimmar Auction House Visited (1)


Orgrimmar Barber Visited (1)


It's best to start over. It was love at first sight, . There was just something special about this goblin when my eyes first saw him.

After spending a wonderful week together, Flenni said that he had got a lot of money and wanted to take me on a trip to the Southern Seas! Can you imagine that?

Anyway, he said I should pack my things while he still had to go to the bank, the auction house, and the barber. But he never showed up again! I'm starting to think he's just a big liar!


So he was just talking about leaving town with all his money? Then he really let me sit, didn't he?

I can't believe I fell for such a terrible goblin! But he was so irresistible when we first met!


You get:


Upon completing this quest, you will receive:
If you enter the following in-game, you can check that you have already completed this:
/ run print (C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted (24851))


Love is in the Air Love is in the Air for Level 1 Twinks



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