Vitamin A Vita puppy food

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MiniVita Senior dry food for aging dogs 4 kg

The MiniVita dry food from Josera is particularly suitable for small dogs from the age of 8. With delicious salmon for a vital life. It is specially tailored to meet the needs of aging dogs. The organs are relieved by a contained mineral composition. The selected grain-free Herbs and fruits make the taste particularly seductive. The reduced risk of tartar formation is achieved through the increased binding of calcium in the saliva.

The salmon it contains is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which ensure healthy skin and a shiny coat. A combination of vitamins E and C and taurine counteract cell aging.

In the form of the small croquettes, the food also takes care of your dog's small jaw. Josera Minivita is characterized by German quality and does not use artificial colors, flavors or preservatives or genetically modified ingredients. No additives with allergenic potential, such as wheat, sugar, soy or dairy products, were used during production.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Particularly suitable for small dogs from 8 years of age
  • A grain-free diet
  • Controlled mineral content ensures relief for the organs
  • The risk of tartar formation is reduced
  • Contains salmon with high-quality fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • With herbs and fruits for a particularly delicious taste
  • In the form of small croquettes
Dry dog ​​food Josera MiniVita Senior dry food for aging dogs. Packaging sizes
  • MiniVita Senior dry food for aging dogs 4 kg
  • Senior MiniVita Grain-Free Dry Food for Aging Dogs 1.5 kg
  • MiniVita Senior dry food for aging dogs 900 g
Take a look at the manufacturer's product details:
  1. Josera MiniVita Senior dry food for aging dogs.pdf

The advantages of Josera dry food

  • So that first-class quality can always be guaranteed in the future, every type of feed is tested and checked at regular intervals in independent laboratories.
  • In contrast to many other companies, Josera rejects any animal testing for the development and production of dry dog ​​food.

Josera product range:

Composition and ingredients
Salmon Flour (22%) Sodium Tripolyphosphate (0.35%) Vitamin A (18000 IU) Taurine (1000 mg) Biotin (1000 mcg) L-Carnitine (300 mg) Vitamin E (220 mg) Vitamin C (200 mg) Iron (180 mg) Zinc (160 mg) Nicotinic acid (90 mg) Pantothenic acid (50 mg) Vitamin B2 (20 mg) Vitamin B6 (20 mg) Copper (18 mg) Manganese (18 mg) Folic acid (5 mg) Iodine (2 mg) Vitamin D3 ( 1,800 IU) Sweet PotatoMineralsPea FlourAnimal ProteinYeastBeet FiberInulinChicore RootApple FiberHerbsCorn FlourDried PotatoesDehydrated Fish ProteinPotato ProteinPoultry Fat
Crude protein 25%
Raw fat 14%
Raw ash 6.9%
Crude fiber 2.6%
sodium 0.4%
magnesium 0.08%

Recommended for the following dog breeds

Weight of the dog / 24h

inactive / older

normal / active


2 kg

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45 g

50 g

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60 g

80 g

90 g

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145 g

Diet advice

MiniVita Senior Dry Food for Aging Dogs is a senior dry dog ​​food for older dogs. The dry dog ​​food is recommended dog food for small breeds of dogs.

Please observe the recommended daily dog ​​food ration in order to ensure optimal weight gain and avoid obesity. Make sure that your dog always has access to fresh water.

A balanced dog food has all of the nutritious elements that are important for the healthy development of pets.
Organic substances - fats, proteins and carbohydrates are necessary for energy development.
In addition, they are involved in hemopoietic processes, and also regulate the work of some organs.

Recommendations for daily protein and fat intake for dogs:

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Josera MiniVita Senior dry food for aging dogs


4 kg



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Special diet

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Special composition

Grain Free

Without corn

Without wheat

Gluten free

No added sugar

Lactose free

Without synthetic colouring

Without artificial preservatives

Soy free

Feed shape

Croquettes & chunks



Dog size

Very small, up to 5 kg

Small, 6-10 kg