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Not just the proven healthier alternative to smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes - theE cigarette - tries to be such and effective Tools to successfully quit smoking position in the market. The long-established cigarette manufacturers are also increasingly entering the market, since sales of conventional cigarettes are gradually falling. The tobacco sticks and tobacco heaters were born. But with the "demonstrably" reduced health risk and addiction potential when usingTobacco Heating Systems is it in Compared to the e-cigarette not too far away what the Study situation shows, which we want to describe in more detail in this article. What difference does it really make to just heat tobacco instead of burning it and how does it compare to the vapor from an e-cigarette?


Above all, it is about the following questions about tobacco heaters, e-cigarettes & tobacco cigarettes:


Tobacco heater vs. normal tobacco cigarette - what are the differences?

Cigarettes are out. And unhealthy. The tobacco companies have understood that too. But are they more concerned about crumbling market share or consumer health? One of the new alternatives that are currently most present, which is neither really an electronic cigarette nor a tobacco cigarette, is the Tobacco stick dar - so-called. Tobacco heater. These heat tobacco instead of burning it at the same temperatures as normal tobacco cigarettes. And that's the whole secret of the apparently reduced health risk. Nicotine content? Yes. How much? Not clear. Available without nicotine? No. Is normal tobacco heated? Yes.

Interestingly, these products are mainly brought onto the market by corporations whose share prices are stagnating and which were previously more familiar from well-known tobacco cigarette brands. And although it has not even been properly proven that this alternative is actually more harmless than smoking tobacco cigarettes from the same corporations, there have been tax giveaways for tobacco heaters, while e-cigarettes have been around for the first time Long-term studies on long-term use were identified as a much safer alternative to smoking. In contrast, there are a lot Group-financed studies on Tobacco Heating Sticks. Meanwhile, there are many indications and also initial risk assessments that Tobacco heaters are not really suitable for smoking cessation. Especially not in comparison with the e-cigarette. Incidentally, this tax gift has another advantage for manufacturers. Since the so-called HeatSticks, the cigarette-like and tobacco-filled sleeves with which tobacco heaters are equipped, are taxed just like pipe tobacco (because you cannot smoke them directly, only with accessories), must also none of the known shock pictures are shown on the package like the well-known "scruffy teeth". Although there is just as much nicotine as cigarettes. Only text warnings need to be placed in the EU.

So there are a few reasons to take a closer look whether tobacco sticks are really a much healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes - and above all, they are less polluting than vaping electronic cigarettes or cigarettes. Liquids. Can you smoke really risk-free and, above all, support smoking cessation with tobacco heaters, similar to e-cigarettes? The biggest difference betweenTobacco sticks and e-cigarettes is that with Tobacco heaters heat real tobacco becomes, while electronic cigarettes vaporize liquidson request also without nicotine. Tobacco sticks, on the other hand, always contain nicotine. That is why they are just as addictive as cigarettes.

And as diligent readers of our blog continue to know, the greatest risk is the by-products that arise from the process of burning tobacco. Therefore, the manufacturer of the tobacco stick advertises that the tobacco in the so-called HeatSticks / tobacco sticks does not burn, but rather evaporates between 250 and 350 degrees Celsius will while normal cigarettes up to 600 degrees Celsius when burned to reach. The mutagenic (mutagenic and harmful) The effect of many ingredients and by-products remains, unlike e-cigarettes. There is just as much nicotine as in normal cigarettes and even more than in light cigarettes, which is why a similar addiction potential is obvious. One of the greatest advantages of the e-cigarette for smoking cessation is known to be that you can optionally do without nicotine. So far, the biggest difference between tobacco cigarettes and tobacco heaters has only been that the tobacco is heated less than when the conventional cigarette is burned. Nevertheless, nicotine is always preserved, many mutagenic substances are created when heated and the price is almost identical.


Differences between tobacco heaters and e-cigarettes

The tobacco stick is a hybrid of an old-fashioned glow stick and a modernly designed electronic cover. Allegedly it offers all the properties of tobacco cigarettes, from taste to throat hit, just not the negative ones. Is that correct?The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment warns in one preliminary risk assessment by the BfR already that also vaporized tobacco numerous and above all also Contains mutagenic substances, which i.a. Inhibit DNA repair, which can lead to carcinogenic mutations. According to initial studies, emissions from a tobacco heater contain 90-95% fewer harmful and carcinogenic substances than tobacco cigarettes. Nevertheless, some mutagens could be found in the vapor of the "Tobacco Heating Systems"(THS) be detected. Less than compared to cigarette smoke especially when Benzene, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. But in the fumes of an e-cigarette, the With nicotine free Liquid is steamed, these are It has been proven that it does not contain any mutagenic, irritating, carcinogenic or harmful substances. Apart from the fact that there are also no tobacco sticks without nicotine. The Tobacco pencil is therefore more suitablenot as an aid to (nicotine-free) smoking cessation. The addiction potential has so far been rated as very similar to that of the tobacco cigarette. There is also no longer any possibility of metering your nicotine intake by consciously choosing the nicotine content, or vaping completely nicotine-free liquids, which is one of the great advantages of the e-cigarette for quitting smoking.

It was also possible to prove that the biomarkers associated with smoking in the blood and urine of test subjects such asCarbon monoxide, acrolein, 1,3-butanediene, nitrosamines and benzenewere not reduced as much as the reduced content in the steam from the tobacco heaters would suggest. A lower content of pollutants in the steam from tobacco sticks does not necessarily mean a lower burden on the health of the consumer. In order to finally clarify this, further investigations are necessary, so that BfR on page 2 of the report. The studies that some tobacco companies have financed themselves in advance are also being scrutinized. Above all, the aim is to test whether tobacco sticks in general really achieve as strong a reduction in carcinogenic and harmful substances in emissions as the studies claim. These further investigations began in autumn 2017.

"Reduced levels in the steam therefore do not necessarily lead to an equally reduced exposure of the consumer to these harmful substances", preliminary risk assessment by the BfR

And there is another disadvantage - the price. A pack of 20 HeatSticks is on average about as expensive as a pack of cigarettes, while the savings effect when vaping liquids can be significantly greater. Of course, this aspect varies depending on the nicotine strength and vaping behavior. But even then, vaping is still comparatively cheaper. For example, 10 ml of liquid are available from € 3.95 while you for 20 HeatSticks approx. 6 euros numbers.


Differences between e-cigarettes and DBS:

  • HeatSticks always contain nicotine
  • more expensive than vaping
  • mutagenic substances (Substances that change the genetic make-up) in the emission of tobacco sticks, which are completely eliminated with e-cigarette vapor
  • Studies on e-cigarettes are much more extensive and objective - long-term studies are also available
  • Tobacco heater rather unsuitable for a real and nicotine-free smoking cessation
  • The amount of nicotine is just as high as that of cigarettes, therefore similar addiction potential
  • As a rule, the consumption of liquids is cheaper than the consumption of HeatSticks & normal cigarettes


HPHCs When Using Tobacco Heating Systems

The weakening of the combustion or heating leads to a reduced formation of HPHC (harmful and potentially harmful constituents: HPHC) when using Tobacco Heating Systems. HPHC means something like dangerous and potentially dangerous substances. Nevertheless, the by-products and HPHCs that are produced when the tobacco is heated with a tobacco heater are very similar to those of the tobacco cigarette.

ingredientHealth risks
acetaldehydeCarcinogenic, irritates the respiratory tract, addictive
acetoneIrritating to the respiratory tract
AcroleinIrritating to the respiratory tract, stresses the cardiovascular system
AcrylonitrileCarcinogenic, irritates the respiratory tract
ammoniaIrritating to the respiratory tract
arsenicCarcinogenic, stresses the cardiovascular system, mutagenic
BenzanthraceneCarcinogenic, stresses the cardiovascular system
benzeneCarcinogenic, stresses the cardiovascular system, mutagenic
leadCarcinogenic, stresses the cardiovascular system, mutagenic
1,3-butadieneCarcinogenic, irritates the respiratory tract,
ButyraldehydeIrritating to the respiratory tract, stresses the cardiovascular system
cadmiumCarcinogenic, irritates the respiratory tract, mutagenic
Catechol / catecholCarcinogenic
chromeCarcinogenic, irritates the respiratory tract, mutagenic
m-cresolCarcinogenic, irritates the respiratory tract
o-cresolCarcinogenic, irritates the respiratory tract
p-cresolCarcinogenic, irritates the respiratory tract
Hydrogen cyanideIrritating to the respiratory tract, stresses the cardiovascular system
Dibenz (a, h) anthraceneCarcinogenic
Ethylene oxideCarcinogenic, irritates the respiratory tract, mutagenic
formaldehydeCarcinogenic, irritates the respiratory tract
(p-) hydroquinonePossibly carcinogenic
Carbon monoxideMutagen
Methyl ethyl ketones
Irritating to respiratory tract
4- (methylnitrosamino) -1- (3-pyridyl) -1-butanone (NNK)Carcinogenic
nickelCarcinogenic, irritates the respiratory tract
nicotineMutagenic, addictive
Carcinogenic, irritates the respiratory tract, mutagenic
N-Nitroso Anbasine (NAB)
N-nitroso anatabine (NAT)
N-nitroso nornicotine (NNN)
PhenolsIrritating to the respiratory tract, stresses the cardiovascular system
PropionaldehydeIrritating to the respiratory tract, stresses the cardiovascular system
Propylene oxideCarcinogenic, irritates the respiratory tract
PyrenePossibly carcinogenic
PyridineIrritating to the respiratory tract
mercuryCarcinogenic, mutagenic
ResorcinolIrritating to respiratory tract
seleniumIrritating to respiratory tract
Nitrogen oxidesIrritates the respiratory tract, stresses the cardiovascular system, mutagenic
tolueneIrritating to the respiratory tract, mutagenic
Vinyl chlorideCarcinogenic

Source:Summary of previous tobacco heater studies

Of these HPHC substances are i.a. NOT in e-cigarette liquids (without nicotine) contain:

  • ammonia
  • arsenic
  • 4-aminophenyl
  • Benzanthracene
  • benzene
  • Benzopyrene
  • lead
  • cadmium
  • Quinoline
  • Hydrazine
  • (p-) hydroquinone
  • Carbon monoxide
  • nickel (except in the heating wire of the vaporizer)
  • nicotine (since liquids without nicotine are available)
  • Nitrosamines
  • phenol
  • Pyridine
  • mercury
  • Nitrogen oxides
  • toluene
  • Vinyl chloride

Many of these substances are related to nicotine consumption. Thus, liquids without nicotine are of course much less risky than liquids with nicotine.

Many of these HPHC substances, such as Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, phenol, lead, (p-) hydroquinone, Cadmium, Benzene, Arsenic, Quinoline, Hydrazine & Toluene, however neither contained in liquids with nicotine nor in liquids without nicotine. Because they are by-products that arise during a combustion process. This also applies, of course to a lesser extent, to heating, even if it is around 300 degrees Celsius less hot than burning the tobacco cigarette. A detailed analysis of the ingredients in liquids we also present on our blog.


The name doesn't say it all - tobacco stick is probably not an aid to quitting smoking

There are tobacco pens that even advertise on their own behalf that they allow people to quit smoking. At first sight, that might make sense. But it doesn't. Because the tobacco sticks are probably not as good as the e-cigarette for getting used to tobacco smoking. But that is exactly what, in our opinion, is important when it comes to alternatives to tobacco cigarettes - on the quit smoking. In the HeatSticks for tobacco heaters contain as much nicotine as normal cigarettes and you don't even know exactly how much because it's not on the package. Initial tests speak of 0.5 mg. Liquids, on the other hand, are available in different nicotine strengths, which are always visible on the packaging and thus enable a gradual or immediate reduction in nicotine intake to zero.


Conclusion: no comparison with e-cigarettes

Yes, a tobacco heater produces fewer harmful emissions than tobacco cigarettes. Other details may also represent advantages over the conventional cigarette. But if you really stop smoking or consuming nicotine and therefore want to influence the amount of nicotine contained and also want to save money, the can't avoid the e-cigarette. And even if Tobacco Heating Systems really contain far fewer pollutants than cigarettes, they still contain mutagenic substances that pose a major health risk, which is completely eliminated when vaping the electronic cigarette with nicotine-free liquids. The nicotine content of the HeatSticks required for tobacco heaters is just as high as that of conventional tobacco cigarettes, which is why the potential for addiction is no less. Here, too, electronic cigarettes are the much better alternative, especially for people who want to quit smoking or switch. You can precisely dose the amount of nicotine here and even do without it completely. Tobacco sticks may be a first step in the right direction, at least from the perspective of the tobacco companies. But above all the non-meterable and high nicotine content somehow suggests that this is just an attempt to continue to secure the crumbling market share, while e-cigarette manufacturers are increasingly aiming to use them primarily as an aid to smoking cessation rather than as an equally addicting replacement for tobacco cigarettes. It is no better to just rest on being less harmful. The goal should be to support the consumer in quitting smoking / switching and not to let him switch from one product to an equally expensive, just as addictive product in order to keep prices rising - at the expense of consumer health. Whether it is lower or not.




Good news for both retailers and consumers of electronic cigarettes and the associated e-liquids. At least for the time being and in the current year 2018, the European Commission is planning no EU-wide tax on e-cigarettes. What is actually meant are the liquids that would be subject to taxation. While the friends of conventional cigarettes are groaning not only under the health problems, but also under the constantly rising prices, the vapers are still doubly spared - before dangerous by-products of a combustion process (first long-term study on the health effects of e-cigarettes) and before tax-related price increases.

Smokers groan under tobacco tax, e-cigarette vapers not

The tax on tobacco cigarettes last rose in early 2015 10 cents per box and thus stays with 75 percent, thesecond highest tax in Germany.

Sample calculation tobacco tax on conventional cigarettes:

  • Price per box: 6,- €
  • Tax share for the state: 4,34 € (Tobacco tax + sales tax)
  • approx. € 0.20 tax per cigarette

With no other consumer product does the state reach as hard as it does with the addictive tobacco cigarettes.The fact that there has been no increase in recent years is mainly due to the fact that the CDU / CSU and SPD had agreed in the old coalition agreement not to adjust the tobacco tax, which Merkel even advocated personally. Thus, the current delays in the formation of a government for smokers have something positive, because as long as there is no coalition, there will be no tax increase. But since there was no increase in the tobacco tax in either 2016 or 2017, it will likely be all the more severe in 2018 once a government has been formed. This will then likely raise tobacco tax just as quickly as the caretaker government did with the diets. It is feared that it will rise to as much as 11.30 € per box over several years. However, a similar increase as in 2005 should be more realistic, i.e. by around € 0.50 per box.

This is not only feared by smokers, but also by the tobacco companies that were last 2005 the term "Terror Tax" coined as the Price per box increased by € 0.50. Although they do not shy away from the tax increase and the associated surcharge, they even demanded them themselves in order to finally be able to raise prices again, but they fear the increase in the smuggling of cigarettes, which could be accompanied by a disproportionately high increase in tobacco tax. It was the same in 2005, when, despite the price increase, there was hardly any tax revenue left at the end, as the proportion of contraband increased significantly. That is why, among other things, a tobacco manager in the WELT warns:"I hope that the decision will be very well thought out and that politics will also look at the past".

Admittedly, no ministry has so far, not even any of the three responsible ministries Finance, Economy and Environmentto announce such plans for 2018. But the tobacco tax flushes considerable sums of money into the state budget at 14 billion euros, of which around 13 billion could be attributed to tobacco cigarettes in 2016. And even a new government will not want to do without these funds, since, among other things, considerable income will already be lost through the gradual abolition of the solos. But while the tobacco cigarette accounted for 13 of the 14 billion tax revenue in 2016, it was almost a billion less in 2017.

Because the number of smokers is falling, sales of e-cigarettes, which have so far been and will remain tax-free and whose sales will probably double in 2018, is increasing. Likewise, the proportion of other, allegedly less harmful tobacco products, which are not completely tax-exempt, but are still favored. All of this leads to falling tax revenues. And since the EU Commission recently decided not to tax electronic cigarettes for the time being, the chances of an increase in tobacco tax increase considerably. Not least because of the success of e-cigarettes and the lower health risk from vaping. Many tobacco companies are therefore expanding their range in the direction of electronic cigarettes & liquids anyway. So it is not only worthwhile in terms of health, to switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

Philipp Morris also wants to increase cigarette prices significantly

Incidentally, Philipp Morris comes before the federal government. From March 1st, 2018, the price per box of Marlboro with 22 cigarettes will increase from € 6.50 to € 7.00. The dealers have already been informed by the group. In return, there is one more cigarette in the box, 22 instead of the previous 21 cigarettes. But actually only a diversionary maneuver, because one of 23 cigarettes disappears from the big box and it virtually cancels itself. So one could simply say that the larger boxes will be abolished, but the price will remain the same. With the L&M brand, the price of a box of 20 cigarettes increases from € 5.90 to € 6.00. In Germany, Philipp Morris has a market share of 40 percent with brands like L&M and Chesterfield, which is why the other groups are expected to like British American Tobacco (BTA), Reemtsma and JTI will follow suit. Not a good start to 2018, at least not for smokers.

Vapers can breathe deeply and easily ...

So while both tobacco companies and the future federal government are driving up the prices for tobacco cigarettes, the EU Commission reveals that the taxation of electronic cigarettes will not be examined again until 2019 and will not come this year. The market is booming, which is also clearly shown by the number of exhibitors and visitors to the e-cigarette trade fairs. The current information about the E-cigarette & vape fairs 2018 can also be found on our blog. The subject of debate was the taxation of liquids, the counterpart to tobacco in the cigarette, which are heated and vaporized in the e-cigarette so that the consumer can inhale them without being exposed to a combustion process.

The EU Commission justifies this decision with the lack of information on the still very young market. It is hardly possible to make predictions about the future development of this market, also what corresponding regulations such as TPD2 is concerned. It is also still not clear how harmful vaping really is. From a health policy perspective, too, the report therefore recommends approaching the tax issue cautiously. In 2019 at the earliest, it should be checked again whether an e-cigarette or liquid tax makes sense and is advisable. Even with the so-called (allegedly) “less harmful cigarettes” (systems such as IQOS), no further regulations are planned for the 28 member states.

... but only almost

Because now the industry fears national solo attempts, which was also observed in Italy. Because the decision from Brussels now leaves the federal government and other national parliaments a free hand. Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, who was still in office at the time, rejected national solo initiatives and pointed out that the finance ministers of all 28 EU countries had asked the EU Commission to review the guidelines on tobacco tax. Until this review has been completed, it makes no sense to go it alone nationally. Now it is her and so it is the turn of the future coalition partners, whoever they will be and whenever that will be. So far, according to several media reports, nothing has been heard from the Federal Ministry of Finance regarding the e-cigarette tax.

No or bad experiences with e-cigarette taxes

This may also have something to do with the fact that so far there is hardly any empirical values ​​and levying a tax on e-cigarettes or liquids is very difficult to implement. With the tobacco tax on normal cigarettes there is a decades-long, tried and tested system with the issuance of tax characters. Taxing liquids in e-cigarettes would be new territory. However, taxes are already levied in nine other EU countries, which is why national resolutions would also be possible in this country. Italy has had bad experiences so far, because the tax was so high that people simply imported their liquids from abroad, which is much easier than with cigarettes.

"In order to get smokers away from tobacco smoke, one mustn't tax the much less harmful alternatives to the ground."

One of ourManaging Director Dustin Dahlmann expressed himself to the media (e.g. see Bild newspaper) and appealed to those responsible, "... not to break taxation of much less harmful alternatives.". Dac Sprengel from the Association of the e-cigarette trade (VdeH) takes a similar view and says that "a fair and risk-specific taxation of e-cigarettes would have to end up well below the level of the Iqos."

He is referring to the tax gift that Philipp Morris ‘IQOS received, which is treated like pipe tobacco for tax purposes. The retail price for 20 IQOS is the same as that of 20 Marlboros, but the tax authorities get € 3.88 from the price of a box of Marlboros including VAT. At IQOS, the tax portion is only € 1.05, although it has not yet been conclusively clarified whether there is any difference in the health effects on the smoker.


The new year is here and it is sure to bring numerous exciting developments around the E cigarette with himself. In any case, they are already certain Dates for theE-cigarettes & vaping fairs 2018. This year many new events have been added, both in Germany and worldwide, which is why our event calendar this time by far includes more steam fairs than in 2017 (Archive - Dampfer Messen 2017).

The InnoCigs team is of course always out and about in the exhibition halls and multifunctional halls of the republic to find out about themselves and, of course, you too News and trends for vapers to inform. That is why we have summarized the most important dates and trade fairs of the new year for our customers and present the largest and latest events around the e-cigarette shortly before. Of course, you will also find out where we will be present with our stand, where you can get tickets at what price and you will get a first impression with the help of some pictures from the trade fairs of the past years.


Dates of the steamer & e-cigarette trade fairs Germany 2018

The e-cigarette and vaping are enjoying steadily growing popularity, which is why there are more and more trade fair dates on the subject both in Germany and around the world. To defy all badly or not at all researched horror reports. The number of visitors and the number of exhibitors at the individual trade fairs are growing. In Germany and around the world. Above all, they are growing in Germany VapoFair / Shisha fair in Frankfurt and Berlin very strong, as well as that Intersteam, which premiered in the capital last year - right away with 4,500 visitors. The one that expands the most Hall of Vape in Stuttgart, which had around 7,000 visitors two years ago, but is already expecting 20,000 visitors and 300 exhibitors this year. We put a few of them here E-cigarette fairs 2018 in Germany and around the world and provide information about Ticket prices, exhibitors and put further information, trailer & pictures to disposal.


Purevape 2018 in Munich - 03.03. - 04.03.2018

Image: Purevape Munich

Purevape 2018 is a Munich trade fair for Vapers, people interested in e-cigarettes, manufacturers, media representatives and suppliers of products for everything to do with electronic cigarettes. A Overview of all exhibitors can be found on the Purevape website. There's a lot of news and information on the latest trends on the market here. A variety of modules, flavors and accessories await you from March 3rd to 4th, 2018, which you can get to know, test and of course buy. With names such as VAPOROUND MAGAZINE, Rainbow Coils, Steampunk Tools and many more, there are both well-known companies for those familiar with the industry on the exhibitor list, as well as common names for pure hobby steamers. The south of the republic is looking forward to lots of steamers, trade visitors and hobbyists in the industry.


MVG Museum Munich
Stalerstrasse 20
81549 Munich

Show map

Date / time

Sat., 03.03.2018, 9:00 a.m.

Sun., 04.03.2018, 6:00 p.m.

Morning is the fair for Trade visitors open.

Tickets & entrance fees VISITORS

  • Visitor day ticket Saturday:
    • 11.50 € + 3.98 € fee & VAT / VAT.
  • Visitor day ticket Sunday:
    • 11.50 € + 3.98 € fee & VAT / VAT.
  • Visitor 2-day ticket:
    • 20, - € + 6.05 € fee & VAT / VAT.

Visiting times Sunday 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Tickets & admission fees TRADE VISITORS

  • Trade visitor day ticket Saturday:
    • 15.50 € + 4.96 € fee & VAT / VAT.
  • Trade visitor day ticket Sunday:
    • 15.50 € + 4.96 € fee & VAT / VAT.
  • Trade visitor 2-day ticket:
    • 24, - € + 7.02 € fee & VAT / VAT.

Pure trade visitor fair 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Buy tickets for Purevape 2018 in Munich


VapoFair / ShishaMesse 2018 in Frankfurt - April 20 - April 22, 2018

Address: Messe Frankfurt, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main - Photo © VapoFair

22,000 visitors. 200 exhibitors, all about the national and international e-cigarette & shisha scene. These are the numbers of the cooperation Vapofair and ShishaMesse 2017. We can therefore expect great things again for 2018. This year the fair will also take place in Berlin in October 2018. By the way, the tickets were sold out last year, which is why you should be quick if you want to enjoy the new innovations and trends from manufacturers around the world in 2018, whether as a trade visitor, exhibitor or normal visitor. The success of the trade fair was also noticeable in the fact that most of the exhibitors booked their stand space for 2018 on site as early as 2017. So if you're still a Register exhibitors or trade visitors you should be quick too. The 2018 fair will also take place in New York and Spain, making the "ShishaMesse meets VapoFair" one of the focal points of the e-cigarette industry and vaping scene. Click here for the website of ShishaMesse meets VapoFair 2018 in Frankfurt.



Ludwig Erhard Annex 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Hall 1

Show map

Date / time

April 20-22, 2018

Trade visitors:
Friday: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Trade visitor registration: from 9:00 a.m.

Trade visitors & end consumers:
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Sunday: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Tickets & entrance fees VISITORS

  • Season ticket
  • daily ticket

Buy tickets for ShishaMesse meets VapoFair 2018 in Frankfurt

Tickets & admission fees TRADE VISITORS

  • Only on request with a trade license / trade license

Buy tickets for ShishaMesse meets VapoFair 2018 in Frankfurt


The Hall of Vape 2018 in Stuttgart - 5.05. - 05/06/2018

Address: Neue Messe Stuttgart, 70629 Stuttgart - Photo © Alexander Vogel (Source: Hall of Vape Website)


The Hall of Vape - Germany's southernmost steamer fair celebrated in 2016 7,700 visitors and 100 exhibitors, as well as top-class guests of honor, her first successes. In 2017 there were already 200 exhibitors. For 2018 the Dampfer fair in Stuttgart is already expecting 20,000 visitors and up to 300 exhibitors from the global industry. The previous List of exhibitors 2018 can be found online by the way. Here, too, it becomes clear that the market for electronic cigarettes is booming and the vaping scene is growing enormously. All trade fairs in Germany are expanding rapidly, as are the international steamer events, despite TPD2. That's why there will of course be a sequel in 2018 that will surpass all previous Hall of Vapes by far.

In particular, the variety of models, designs, flavors, accessories, the new trends and, above all, the innovations in this branch will attract our visitors to one or the other manufacturer - despite the implementation of the TPD2 - inspire “so the Exhibition organizer Iraklis Simeonidis and adds: “You can also count on prominent guests from the vaping scene, from the entertainment industry and also from science. As in previous years, information and clarification are important attributes for us that are very important to us and which we want to and will offer our visitors. And next year we will again focus on the factors entertainment and fun. Our visitors can look forward to that too. "


Stuttgart Exhibition Center
Messepiazza 1
70629 Stuttgart

Show map

Date / time

05.05. – 06.05.2018

For visitors (B2C):
Saturday, 05/05/2018 from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday, May 6th, 2018 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

For traders in the field of e-cigarettes & accessories (B2B):
Saturday 05/05/2018 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. + B2C
Sunday May 6th, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. + B2C

Tickets & entrance fees VISITORS

  • Visitor day ticket Saturday:
    • € 13.11 + € 2.49 VAT / sales tax
  • Visitor day ticket Sunday:
    • € 11.43 + € 2.17 VAT / sales tax
  • Visitor 2-day ticket:
    • € 21.51 + € 4.09 VAT / sales tax

Buy tickets for the Hall of Vape 2018

Tickets & admission fees TRADE VISITORS

On demand


Intersteam Berlin 2018 - June 22nd - 24th, 2018, Arena Berlin

The Intersteam in Berlin took place for the first time in 2017. While other trade fairs shine above all with a large number of exhibitors and products, the Intersteam also impresses with a special flair and an alternative atmosphere. That is why 4,500 visitors turned up for the premiere. The extraordinary location directly on the banks of the Spree shines on around 6,500m² and above all because of its class, rather than just mass. Exceptional trends and innovations, as well as a relaxed atmosphere are the core theme of the fair. E-cigarettes & accessories that you can't get everywhere, as well as special know-how. Exotic models and tastes.Everything a passionate vaper heart desires. There are exciting shows, lectures, interviews and presentations on the stage of the Berlin Arena for the specialist audience and experts. The Intersteam is a unique opportunity to establish contacts between manufacturers, dealers and end customers in a special atmosphere.



Intersteam Arena Berlin
Eichenstrasse 4
12435 Berlin

Show map


22.06. – 24.06.2018

Tickets & admission prices for Intersteam 2018


The InterTabac 2018 in Dortmund - 21.09 - 23.09.2018

Address: Strobelallee 45, 44139 Dortmund - Photo © InterTabac

Pure B2B trade fair for dealers & manufacturers

The InterTabac 2018 is a must, just like the years before, when InnoCigs was always present with its own stand. InterTabac is the world's leading trade fair, not just for e-cigarettes, but for tobacco & Co. in general. The total is Exhibition space over 30,000 m², spread over 5 exhibition halls in the Westfalenhalle Dortmund. The fair is primarily aimed at Wholesalers and retailers, which is why InterTabac is primarily for the Acquisition of new customers, maintaining contacts and maintaining networks suitable is. By the way, you can register your stand here directly. This year InterTabac will take place at the same time as InterSupply - International Trade Fair for the Production of Tobacco Products.

This is where the InterTabac takes place - Graphic © Westfalenhalle Dortmund


Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund GmbH
Strobelallee 45
44139 Dortmund

Show map

Date / time

September 21-23, 2018


VapoFair Berlin 2018 - October 26th - 28.10.2018

VapoFair started in Frankfurt 5 years ago. The success is impressive, because after only five years the fair has become one of the absolute linchpins of the e-cigarette & vape scene - with 20,000 visitors and 200 exhibitors alone ‘in 2017. In 2018, the fair will therefore not only take place in Frankfurt, but also in Berlin towards the end of the year, in October 2018. The 700 or so shisha bars in the capital already offer huge potential. The Ticker sales will start in May 2018.


exhibition center Berlin
Messedamm 22
14055 Berlin

Hall 9

Show map

Date / time

26.10. – 28.10.2018

Trade visitors & end consumers:
Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Entrance fees

Day ticket: € 15
Permanent ticket: 23.00 €

Trade visitors:
Business day ticket: € 21.00
Business season ticket: € 29.00


Further steam fairs in Germany & worldwide 2018


17.03. – 18.03.2018National Vape ExpoFoxwoods, US
22.03. – 23.03.2018VapeventNew York, US
24.03. – 26.03.2018VapexpoLille, FR
29.03. – 31.03.2018Vape Expo JapanOsakae, JP
30.03. – 01.04.2018Global Vape FestMoscow, RU
07.04. – 08.04.2018Vape Jam UKLondon, UK
14.04. – 15.04.2018Vapeexpo KievKiev, UA
14.04. – 16.04.2018eCig ExpoShenzhen, CN
27.04. – 29.04.2018Canadas Vape ExpoEdmonton, CA
04.05. – 06.05.2018Vaper Expo UKBirmingham, UK
05.05. – 06.05.2018The Vape ShowcaseAtlanta, US
19.05. – 20.05.2018VapeconBiel, CH
19.05. – 20.05.2018National Vape ExpoMobile, US
19.05. – 21.05.2018VapitalyVerona, IT
15.06. – 16.06.2018VAPEXPOMoscow, RU
20.07. – 22.07.2018CECMOL VapexpoShanghai, CN
04.08. – 05.08.2018UK VapefestShrewsbury, UK
11.08. –  12.08.2018VaporGuruMagdeburg, DE
25.08. – 26.08.2018National Vape ExpoRichmond, US
01.09. – 02.09.2018MyVapeBraunschweig, DE
06.10. – 07.10.2018National Vape ExpoDenver, US
13.10.2018Northern Germany is steamingLuebeck, DE
20.10. – 22.10.2018CECMOL VapexpoBeijing, CN
02.11. – 04.11.2018Inter Vape ExpoCastrop Rauxel, DE
01.12. – 02.12.2018CECMOL VapexpoNew Zealand, NZ
07.12. – 09.12.2018eCig ExpoShanghai, CN
15.12. – 16.12.2018Vape ConventionBremen, DE

We have often reported about in the last few years new studies & findings on e-cigarettes, always with the reference that meaningful long-term studies are still pending. Also the politics and the media always relied on this argument when it came to electronic cigarettes when they categorically rejected vaping again and put it on a par with tobacco cigarettes. Health consequences for the lungs and respiratory tract have been invoked again and again, but have never been substantiated. At the same time, however, the opposite could never be proven, i.e. that vaping has no consequences for the health of the consumer, since such long-term studies were also missing.

Hopefully that's over now, because now became acurrent long-term study on e-cigarette consumption and a possible associated health impairment of the body, especially the lungs and the respiratory tract, published. What the opponents of the e-cigarette have always demanded, a long-term study of the alleged dangers of vaping, is now available. And the findings are groundbreaking, the results clear. At the same time, they underpin the demands of the German medical profession for tobacco prevention and even the first attempt at a U-turn by the federal government on the subject Harm Reduction. Mrs. Mortler, the drug commissioner of the federal government, had repeatedly called for long-term studies. It is therefore all the more astonishing that the long-term study on the effects of vaping on the lungs hardly attracts any media attention, while every hair-raising rumor was previously spread in the media (Please refer:Exploding e-cigarettes & gateway effect).One might think that the results of the study do not correspond to what the tobacco lobby and the representatives of nicotine substitutes, as their mouthpieces had hoped.

"It's a known fact that bad news makes the headlines and e-cigarette stories are no exception. So I'm not very surprised that - despite the important public health implications - this study receives very little media attention. The irony is that if our data showed signs of lung damage, the news would have been everywhere (and we probably have more chances of securing funding for a larger study!). ”- Prof. Dr. Riccardo Polosa in an interview with “Ashtray” UK

The author of the study isProf. Dr. Riccardo PolosaDirector of the Institute of Internal Medicine and Clinical Immunology at the University of CataniaItaly. Adetailed evaluation of the study and its methodology can be found in the prestigious Nature magazine.

The most exciting findings of the long-term study on e-cigarette consumption

  • Even after intensive use over 3.5 years, neither damage to the respiratory tract nor cardiovascular problems could be detected
  • Prof. Dr. Polosa, author of the study, confirms that there are "no significant changes" in the health of the test subjects
  • The methodology and design of the study are very innovative and open the door for further research

Methodology & experimental setup of the e-cigarette study

One of the biggest problems that previous studies have faced: only a minuscule percentage of people (0.01%) who vape, have never smoked before. Almost all steamers are ex-smokers and have often suffered lung damage as a result. To get around this problem, vapers who had never smoked were sought. The end result consisted of a group of nine daily steamerswho have never smoked tobacco and one Reference group of twelve people who neither smoke nor vape(mean age 29.7 (± 6.1) years).

Why is it so important, that the e-cigarette users who participated in the study have never smoked tobacco before: When studying the health effects it is important to take into account that it is difficult (if not impossible) is to separate reactions caused by chronic exposure to aerosol emissions from an e-cigarette from those related to previous smoking history. If it were now found in vapers who have never smoked a tobacco cigarette that there are no health effects, one can hypothesize that the aerosol vapors are much less harmful than tobacco smoke. A study like this has never been done before. The experimental setup, i.e. the study design, as well as the composition of the participants, were very complex, scientifically accurate and well thought out.

Infographic for an online survey by UNI HH (© 2015 - mr-smoke.de/magazin/) | Topic "Gateway Effect"

The Steamer and a control groupthat neither steams nor smokesFor 3.5 years accompanied and regularly examined. The main focus of the investigations was:

  • Lung function
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • body weight
  • respiratory symptoms
  • Carbon monoxide (eCO) & Nitric oxide (eNO) in the exhaled air
  • HRCT - high resolution computer typography (Image of a pulmonary disc)

On the basis of these regular investigations over the study period of 3.5 years, long-term data from the real world of a steamer and a control group could be collected, which show that even intensive steaming does not damage the lungs. No pathological findings on HRCT of the lungs could be determined, nor were respiratory symptoms observed.

Although of course still It cannot be ruled out that damage to the lungs could occur in later stages or over longer periods of time, this study showed no health concerns in connection with the long-term use of electronic cigarettes by relatively young users who had never smoked tobacco. But the modern design of the study and the long observation period opened a door in a completely new direction, so that hopefully further researchers and long-term studies will follow, which could then prove the lack of health impairment over even longer periods of time.

Just ‘the way in which Prof. Dr. Polosa has found its participants is trend-setting. Already from June to September 2013, the e-cigarette shops and branches surveyed their customers, including on their own consumption behavior and previous experience with tobacco cigarettes. From the pool of these regular customers of the respective shops, those who vape regularly but had never smoked were then selected. And there weren't many. Users who consume both tobacco and liquids were excluded from the study. “Never smoked tobacco beforeBy the way, according to the definition of the study, this only means that fewer than 100 cigarettes were previously smoked in a lifetime.

Criteria for study participants:

  • smoked fewer than 100 cigarettes in a lifetime
  • E-cigarette consumption every day for at least three months
  • Control group: neither vaping nor smoking

Further data that have been scientifically recorded:

  • Morning medical check-ups (three times a year)
  • Test subjects who reduced or stopped vaping during the 3.5-year period of the study were excluded
  • Nicotine content of the liquids
  • E-cigarette model used

Results of the long-term study in detail