How many square feet in 1 gaj

Convert ft² to ha

¿How does the converter square feet in hectares work?

Convert from square feet in hectares using this converter is very easy and fast. So you just have to indicate the amount of square feet you want to convert in the tool above and press the "Calculate" button. It's that simple to know who equivalence square feet in hectares.

¿What is the formula for converting square feet to hectares?

To calculate how many hectares are a certain number of square feet, use the following formula:

ft² x 9.29023e-6 = ha

For example:

If we have 6 square feet we convert hectares, according to the formula we have:

6 x 9.29023e-6 = 5.574138E-5 hectares

Definition hectare

The Hectares (Symbol ha) and a square hectometer (hm² symbol) are the surface area occupying a square of one side hectómetro. Corresponds to 100 areas or 10,000 square meters. Its symbol has is (not, and as a symbol, never takes point)
One hectare equals:
- 100
Areas - 1 square hectometer
- 10000 square meters.
- 1,000,000 square decimeters
- 0.01 square kilometers
- 0.003861020 square miles

Definition of a square foot

The Square feet is a unit of area used in the UK and US measure systems. Squared is a bi-dimensional measure of length derivative, such that a square foot is defined as the area of ​​a square with sides 1 foot in length.