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How can you make finger puppets? - Simple craft ideas for children made of felt

Making finger puppets is a great way to encourage your child's creativity and willingness to learn. It's an easy DIY project that is fun for both kids and adults. And when the finger puppets are ready, things get even more fun - you can play puppet shows with your child and spend precious time together. But first let's get to work. So you can make cute finger puppets. You will find detailed instructions below ...

Making finger puppets - a great craft idea for young and old

Children have fun playing with finger puppets

How to make finger puppets

Children like to touch everything. So give them a gift that will keep their fingers occupied. These self-made felt finger puppets are child's play. Your child will love putting on a show with a variety of these cute little creatures.

Felt animals for the fingers

There are different types of finger puppets that you can make from a variety of materials such as gloves, socks, packaging materials, and whatever is available to you. Here we show you how you can make funny finger puppets out of felt yourself.

First we make a yellow duck out of felt

Required materials:

  • Felt sheets
  • Felt pen or marker
  • scissors
  • Small goggle eyes
  • Embroidery thread
  • Regular glue or fabric glue
  • Sewing needle
  • Glue gun

To make the finger puppets shown above, we use a colored sheet of felt for all five finger puppets. First, draw your index finger eight times on the felt sheet. Then trace the thumb twice. Remember, you'll need to make the front and back pieces for each of the five fingers. Surely you want your felt to sit properly and have a smooth curve on top.

Take a yellow A4 sheet of felt

Now cut out the pieces of felt in pairs, one for the back and the other for the front of the finger. They should be slightly larger than your finger in order for them to fit properly.

Use a sewing needle and embroidery floss to sew the back and front pieces together at the edges. Make sure you leave enough space for your finger. Now cut off the excess felt at the seam that you sewed. However, avoid cutting very close to the edge. Now turn the sewn felt over so that the seam points inwards.

Depending on the age of the children, you can go through the steps above and let the child move on. Attention! But sewing with needles and cutting with scissors pose a risk for the little ones.

Cut the felt


You can cut out shapes for the ears and nose from different colored felt. Alternatively, you can simply paint these shapes on the same sheet of felt. This is even more interesting for the children because they really like to paint. Sew on the ears with a simple stitch or use the glue gun to secure the ears in place.

Sew or glue with a hot gun - you decide!

Use glue to glue goggle eyes on. You can also use markers and other creative accessories to draw the eyes and create facial features. The choice depends on your creativity and preference.

You can paint the eyes or glue two goggle eyes

So the first finger puppet is ready

There are two ways you can attach the mouth. You can choose to record the mouth with a felt-tip pen. Alternatively, you can sew on the mouth.

Go on and have fun with your little ones!

Why is finger puppet making beneficial for the children

Making finger puppets develops the children's imagination and fine motor skills. You can choose an animal or cartoon character yourself. This also strengthens their self-confidence.

Children can also use the puppets to practice and improve their storytelling skills. To stimulate your child's imagination, you can encourage them to come up with stories, plays, and dances using the felt finger puppets as characters.

More ideas for fun DIY finger puppets

Furthermore, themed finger puppets are suitable for certain festivities, such as Halloween, Christmas and other occasions.

The best thing about finger puppets is the time it takes kids to learn the art, be creative, and express themselves in a creative way. Your child will feel happy and proud of their own creations. Such a work of art is unique that can also be personalized and used as a very special gift.

Make your own finger puppets and have a lot of fun! The time parents spend with their children is always precious and valuable.

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