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DOCTORS WARN: Toe Separators Can Keep Feet FOREVER ...

Published: 7/24/18 - Last change: 11/18/20 Reading time: 8 min
Written by Stefan Jansen • Editor-in-chief, health scientist

Updated: 11/18/20 Reading time: 8 min
Written by Stefan Jansen • Editor-in-chief, health scientist

Especially with foot misalignments such as hallux valgus (also hammer toe or ball toe), severe pain when moving is often the result. These are constant companions in the everyday life of those affected.

Toe separator in this case promise a clear relief of pain and thus a better, more liberated attitude towards life. But some can also be harmful and cause long-term damage to your feet.

What orthopedic aids can do, what types there are and what can be perfectly integrated into everyday life. We'll tell you!

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What are toe separators?

A toe spreader is mainly made of a malleable mass (silicone or gel) or a malleable material (cotton fabric) in order to avoid pressure points on the foot and to relieve strained toes. This aid is intended to achieve a gentle but effective correction of malpositions such as hallux valgus on toes and feet. The soft material adapts to the toes individually and also protects against abrasions that can occur, for example, due to friction between the toes or the bunion.

What is Hallux Valgus?

Hallux valgus is one of the best known and most widespread foot deformities. In Germany they are also known under the name Ballenzeh or Hammmerzeh. Hallux valgus can be counteracted with aids such as toe spreaders or toe splints. If you recognize hallux valgus early enough, you can even improve the problem with the right aids.

The different types of toe spreaders for hallux valgus

There are various forms and types of toe spreaders, all of which are intended to help with the deformity of the feet in hallux valgus. They are available in different materials, structures and price ranges. They ensure that the natural distance between certain toes can be maintained despite a foot misalignment. Other forms of toe spreaders provide additional protection for the ball of the foot, which is a relief in everyday life, especially for those affected by hallux valgus.

A distinction is made between splints and toe spreaders made of silicone or gel-like material.

The rigid Hallux Valgus toe splints

The rigid rails Due to their material and design, they are only suitable for putting them on at home in the evening to work against the bunion. Hence its name: "Night Rail". There you can always find cheap models that, according to experts, only aggravate the deformity more than improve it. In the worst case scenario, this can cause severe, long-term damage and only worsen the bunion. In addition, they can cause unsightly and slightly painful pressure points on the toe.

Silicone toe separator

The Silicone toe separator however, are small and comfortable to wear thanks to their soft material. They can be worn in any shoe and thus develop their pain-relieving effect in everyday life. Those affected by hallux valgus complain about unpleasant pain when moving, which severely restricts them.

Toe Spreader Socks & Sandals

Toe separators are also available in the form of toe separators socks & sandals. They also act as a kind of toe tensioner.

The toe spreader socks, like the other aids, are intended to help bring the toes into a natural starting position and keep them there in order to reduce the pain caused by the hammer toe a little.

The sandals, on the other hand, are intended for people who, despite hallux valgus, do not want to do without comfortable, fashionable and open shoes. Companies like LaShoe make such shoes and use materials and cuts that are supposed to relieve the pressure on the hallux and thus also the pain. However, these shoes do not have a therapeutic effect.

Halluxwonder, Valgomed, Hallupro and Co.

We have already reported on Halluxwonder, Valgomed, Hallupro, Hallufix and other splints and spreaders in other articles. There we write about tests, experiences and prices of the products.

Some of these orthopedic aids products are a good way to prevent and treat hammer toes and the like, and to noticeably reduce pain. But toe spreader is not just a toe spreader. There are also big differences here.

Toe splints vs. toe separators in the test

At this point we want to show you the differences between the products in a comparison. We take a close look at a splint and two versions made of silicone.

The HalluxFee is the test winner here, if only just barely. Because the only thing that distinguishes it from the hallux wonder is the lower price. In addition, when you buy 1 pair of HalluFee, you get a 2nd free.

Comparison winner


Hallux wonder


material Plastic + gel cushion silicone silicone
propertiesx Causes pain when worn
x Gel cushion slipped
x Not suitable for shoes
x Unsuitable for everyday use
✓ Unisex toe spreader
✓ Suitable for all shoe sizes
✓ Ideal for hallux valgus or hammer toes
✓ Unisex toe spreader
✓ Suitable for all shoe sizes
✓ Ideal for hallux valgus or hammer toes
Comfort★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Lowest Price 59.00 euros 29.90 euros 14.95 euros
+2 cans for FREE
Shipping Free Not specified Free
Product rating★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 1/5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 4/5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5/5

Do not confuse! - Toe spacers & toe separators for nail polish

Toe separators are an orthopedic aid for malpositions of the feet. Toe separators or toe spacers are mostly just an aid for painting the toenails. The soft silicone gel rail means that painting is easier and cleaner. Toe separators are not used to compensate for or correct foot misalignments!

When is a toe spreader helpful?

Toes that are close together can cause pressure sores and skin irritation. However, the consequences are worse if the feet are misaligned, such as the bunion or hallux valgus. A toe spreader can reduce discomfort and make walking easier by separating the toes and returning them to their natural positions. In the case of hallux valgus, the toe spreader relieves the ball of the big toe. Special toe separators can also be helpful for hammer or claw toes.

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Toe spreader effect - yoga for your feet

Toe separators are said to have a good effect on feet because they stretch muscles and ligaments, stretch and strengthen fascia (fibrous connective tissue) and provide relief. They represent a kind of yoga or foot gymnastics for the feet. Yoga exercises are about stretching and stretching.

How long should you wear them?

The length of time it is worn depends on the misalignment; how strong this is or whether it is only used for prevention. It also gives various recommendations. Some models can and should be worn all day, possibly in the shoe. Other manufacturers recommend putting on the toe spreader regularly, but without shoes. When resting in the evening, they can also be worn for about 30 minutes as a preventive measure against misaligned feet.

Toe spreader customer experiences

For the most part, the customer ratings are very good to good. Above all, the models made of the soft silicone, which can also be worn in everyday life, are met with great enthusiasm among users.

“I ordered it for my mother because she has problems with her toes, she is very satisfied with it and reports that it is good for her and that she feels better and doesn't have as much pain as before. Will order it again. Super quality / product. I can recommend it to everyone, really great! "

“I kept having pain from my hammer toe. The silicone soft gel toe spreader really gave me relief - it can also be worn well in the shoe. "

Toe spreader for hallux valgus

If you suffer from a bunion (hallux valgus), you have to find a remedy because it is not only visually unattractive, but is also often associated with pain. Here you can with mild to moderate Hallux Valgus achieve good results with a flexible toe spreader. In contrast to the immobile night splints, these can also be worn during the day.

Where to buy toe separators online

Toe separators are available online in different versions, both on Amazon and on Ebay.

Also available from DM, Rossmann and Co.?

Toe spreaders are also available in drugstores such as dm, Rossmann et cetera. However, these do not have an orthopedic purpose, but rather a cosmetic one and they serve as an aid for painting the toenails.

Buy toe separators in pharmacies

The orthopedic aids can also be bought in online pharmacies. However, you can also go to the local pharmacy.

Common questions about toe spreaders

We keep getting questions from our readers on all kinds of topics. Here we would like to take up the most frequently asked questions for you.


Toe separators can certainly provide a remedy and alleviation of a foot deformity. However, it depends on how pronounced this is already. The use of such an aid can significantly reduce the risk of foot misalignments and a bunion.

DOCTORS WARNING, however, against using the wrong toe splint. These can even be harmful to the foot, worsening the misalignment and causing long-term damage.

The main thing, however, is that the right toe spreader can quickly give people who are affected by Hallux Valgus a pain-free and liberated attitude to life in everyday life.

And as our comparison test shows, this is The silicone variant is particularly promising. It can be integrated into everyday life and thus permanently alleviates the suffering of the user. That is why the HalluxFee and Halluxwonder clearly prevailed against the HalluPro splint in our test. Experience shows that customers are quite satisfied with the silicone products. The only difference is the price. The HalluxFee is currently available at 19.90 euros for a whole 10 euros cheaper than the comparable product Halluxwonder.

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