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111.8 kg. But the weekend is still to come. I will still make it. Before our vacation, I want to weigh less than 110 kg. If you lose 500g per week, it should work. Okay, let's start explaining how it is and how it was with me. Maybe one or the other will recognize themselves in it and maybe in this way I will find out that I am not alone. I've guessed it for a long time.

It started about two years ago. My weight of 150 pounds was getting harder and harder to move and I was finally tired of being fat. I quit smoking in 2003, so now I'm just going to quit eating - and that's exactly where the problem is. You can't stop eating. Stopping smoking is simply I smoke or I don't smoke. A perfect digital state for me. Completely understandable. I never understood "a little smoking", consumed my 2 boxes a day and then on December 31st. I smoked my last cigarette in 2003. Some attempts to quit smoking by simply smoking less - one less cigarette every day, writing down cigarettes, etc. - are miserably smarter. I've only had success by completely quitting smoking. Not a cigarette - never again.

It just doesn't work that way with food. So I found that losing weight is much more difficult than quitting smoking. The interesting thing is that many people are sure to discover this very fact in that exact order.

Back to the beginning: with these 127 kg I have now thought about what to do. Weight Watchers seemed plausible to me. Something that is calculatory and scientifically comprehensible is easier for me to process. So counting points, which in turn depend on the fat and carbohydrates in the food, seemed feasible and useful to me. The only thing that bothered me was this mutual group clapping. Always annoyed me at trade fair kickoffs when the VBs cheer and applaud each other so exaggeratedly.

But there is “online”. Weight Watchers Online costs less than EUR 15 a month. Nowadays I can save 15 EUR if you don't go to MCD or BK twice. That should be doable. In short, Weightwatchers worked. As long as I've done it. I lost from 127kg to 106kg. Then I stopped. Not that I signed out, I just stopped writing down the points because it is annoying in the long run and because I thought I could now memorize it. I cheated a bit. Then came Christmas, delicious marzipan and so on and the “I'll go back to it later” feeling. In the course of this whole story, I then gained from 106kg back to 123kg. Simply by ignoring my weight in between. I always had phases in which I had written down points for a few weeks, but the phases in which I did not do that led to greater swings upwards than the weight loss phases downwards.

The whole thing went on like this until on March 22nd of this year I regained 123 kg. It's still 4 kg below my starting weight two years ago, but it's still very annoying when you consider that I've already reached 106. But since it is not in my nature to give up, I decided on March 22nd, 2010 to continue seriously. It got really serious after I found out from a short vacation at the Robinson Club that I was one of the fattest and that I was also suffering more and more from my weight while doing one of my favorite holiday activities - diving. So when I got home, the points were entered again. In addition, I visited my old friend Udo in his fitness studio at the end of May and have been a daily visitor since then. Shortly afterwards I found a free alternative for WeightWatchers. You don't have to count any points here, but you can use your food e.g. B. save using the EAN code or name and the carbohydrates, fats and proteins are added daily. I also get along very well with that. Will write something about the differences between these methods in the future.

So what I've been doing consistently since the beginning of June is: I only eat between 60 and 80% of my daily requirement and I burn at least 1000 kcal a day either on the stepper, cross trainer or while running. In this way, I have reduced my weight to 111.8 kg since March 22nd. My next goal before the summer vacation to get below 110 seems achievable. There is only one thing that concerns me. I have long periods of weight cessation at the moment. At the same time I notice that z. B. my waist size continues to decrease. So my body is changing, but I can't see it on the scales. The fat and water content of my scales do not always clearly show this either. So you really have to measure your waist circumference with the tape measure from time to time so as not to get frustrated when the weight doesn't go down. Unfortunately, my goals are always based on weight, because that's the best and easiest way to measure it. Because I not only stand on the stepper in the studio, but also try to build up my muscle mass through strength training, it can happen that I do not lose weight although I am getting thinner. You have to know that muscles have about four times the mass of the same volume of fat. So muscles are four times as heavy as fat. But I can use the muscles very well for my purposes. Muscles can use up wonderfully energy. And if I just lose weight like that, then my muscles even shrink along with the fat. So that means it would become more and more difficult to lose weight. Therefore, I counteract this and build up some muscle mass or at least make sure that the muscles do not lose weight with some strength training. However, the effect of this is that weight reduction does not always go so quickly and, above all, that the confirmation of weight loss is sometimes lost. Exactly that is my problem. I can therefore only advise everyone in a similar situation to also write down certain measurements such as waist circumference. What is Excel for. That even makes nice curves. Now I don't always measure my waist circumference when I weigh myself. But when I have a week when the weight doesn't change, even though I've been very diligent, I measure the waist circumference and can usually comfort myself with it when the weight doesn't really want to go down. I just need this feedback for my motivation. Nothing is worse for me than two or three weeks of exertion that is not rewarded with measurable progress. I always feel that this is “unfair”, but with a little patience it has always turned out for the better if I just kept going.

So, all of this to get to know. I will continue to report in this category. There is still a lot to be done on the way to 80 kg.

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