How to open an fxp file in logic

VST audio plugin preset file

Category: configuration and setting

The file extension fxp is used for VST audio plugin default files. The Virtual Studio Technology is a plug-in interface for audio programs developed by Steinberg. VST plugins can be used to expand audio programs with various effects and virtual instruments (VSTi).

fxp are files that contain a single preset for a specific (associated) plugin. Usually fxp files should be located in the folder of the plugin file (extension dll) or a subfolder of it. If the installation is correct, the defaults can be selected in the plug-in window from the audio program. Depending on the plugin, these can also be loaded directly.

There are also specification files that contain several specifications with the ending fxb. It should be noted that Cubase version 4 and higher has a different default management system and that some VST plugins do not adhere to the standard.