How to breed Uriel Monster Legends


Dates [edit | Edit source]


Rank: B +

Attack: 3.045

Life: 31.366

Speed: 3.245

Ability: Immune to glare

Description in the game [edit | Edit source]

Overview [edit | Edit source]

Uriel is one of the older monsters from the game and the first to be able to bring allies back from the dead, which made him a feared opponent in the old days, as he could easily destroy entire strategies with the right teammates .

Unfortunately, he has now been replaced by some other resurrectors, who often have lower cooldown times for their resuscitation attacks and can provide better support, and since the appearance of Samael the Disease Spreader has only been regarded as a gap filler for incomplete teams.

However, it must also be said that Urielalthough it may have lost its importance, it is still dangerous and has great power, which is not only shown in the fact that it can revive others. He also has strong individual attacks that can at least stun or blind his opponents, as well as a strong AOE skill with a relatively low cooldown time that blinds the entire opposing team, but even then his support skills were not exactly the best, which is why they were should be left out.

All in all, this angel is still worthy of taking a solid B + on the ranking.

Positive [edit | Edit source]

  • Good status values
  • Strong single attacks
  • Strong AOE attack that can blind the entire opposing team
  • He has an AOE attack that stuns the entire opposing team
  • He can revive his allies
  • His offensive attacks are all of the special element and therefore effective at all times

Negative [edit | Edit source]

  • His ability doesn't do him much good
  • His support attacks are pointless

Counterattack [edit | Edit source]

Fast and metal-based damage dealers, such as Metalhëad or Captain Copperbeard, who can turn off the lights for him as quickly as possible, are suitable as a counterattack.

Alternatively, Krampus or Mystery can also serve as a counterattack, as they can easily freeze or take over him.

More [edit | Edit source]

Uriel is an archangel who is not explicitly mentioned as such in the Bible, but is considered confirmed. For this he represents the element of life and the earth itself. His name also means "light of God".