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Pipe bending: the importance of the bending radius

Each bending radius has its own die, which is produced based on the diameter of the pipe that is to be machined.

For an average radius of 50 mm, for example, several dies are available: one for a pipe with the diameters Ø20, Ø26.9, Ø30, etc., as long as the feasibility formulas allow it.

With the square and rectangular tubular elements, the flexibility is somewhat greater. It is in fact possible to bend several tubular elements of different dimensions on the same die, based on their height and the thicknesses used to adapt the die to the different dimensions.

The pipe bending shop Tecnocurve has more than 250 matrices for round pipes and about 30 matrices for pipe elements. The first are for 250 pipe sections with different bending radii of the individual sections, while the second, due to their special feature that they can be used for several sections, cover the need for 500 types of pipe elements.