Where to find barbaric weaknesses

Recognize your strengths and weaknesses

Reconsider your weaknesses."Weakness" is not the most helpful starting point for thinking about areas in which you would like to develop. In reality, you are not weak at all, even if you sometimes feel that way or think you are weak. Still, most people feel like they can be stronger and improve themselves and their skills in certain areas in their life. Because we don't feel as strong in these areas, we usually assume the opposite when we name the areas that we see as needing improvement and that we want to work on in order to feel stronger and more competent.[19]But instead of focusing on "weakness", which in itself sounds negative, think of your areas that need growth and improvement - so you can keep focusing on your future and what you can do to make it yours goes better.
  • Weaknesses can be viewed as something that you can improve because they are always linked to your desires and therefore you will have the strength to change them in a positive way. Or you just see them as something that is not relevant to your needs and goals in life anyway. It's okay to admit and accept either of the two possibilities. Weaknesses are not permanent aspects of ourselves, but rather certain ways of achieving things. We can continue to modify these approaches so that we become even more successful.