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The 2004 film by German director Wolfgang Petersen is based on Homer's epics “Iliad” and “Odyssey” and thus tells the most famous stories in world literature. The central theme is the ten-year Trojan War, contested around 1250 BC, which culminated in a 51-day siege of the city of Troy.

The highlight of the monumental film is the furious duel between Achilles (Brad Pitt) and Hector (Eric Bana) at the gates of Troy.

The archaeological site of historical Troy is in Turkey. However, the film was shot in Mexico, Malta, and its smaller sister island Comino.

The scenes can be roughly divided into those in front of the city of Troy and on the longer beach sections (Mexico) and those that take place within the city of Troy and in the smaller bays (Malta).



Especially on the area around Fort Ricasoli, a Spanish fortress from the 17th century, backdrops were set up and the corresponding city scenes filmed.

Another set was set up on a stretch of coast near Mellieha, where Odysseus asks Achilles in the film to fight on the side of Greece. The Blue Lagoon on Comino served as the setting for Achilles' encounter with his mother Thetis (Julie Christie).



Originally, some of the exterior scenes were supposed to be shot in Morocco, but for security reasons these were then moved to Mexico on the Baja California peninsula. There the set was devastated by a tornado. This helped to skyrocket the proposed $ 140 million budget. The interior recordings took place in the Shepperton studios in London.



The huge wooden prop, which was used in the film as a Trojan horse, first traveled around the world on the occasion of the film premieres and was then set up near the archaeological excavation sites, where the remains of ancient Troy are suspected, in northwestern Turkey.

By the way, ironically, Brad Pitt actually pulled his Achilles tendon while filming "Troy".



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