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Hamburg is doing something
Action month against AIDS

Hamburg celebrates
On how gay people deal with death Winter Pride in St. Georg
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Letters to the editor / imprint 4
Dear readers, Title 6
November is going to be another wonderful month of action: The
The Hamburg Com- Hamburg 12 campaign “The godparents - together against AIDS” demands
munity for the third time: “Do something!” (see page 12). With
the purely voluntary project will provide money for HIV-positive and culture 16
Aids sufferers collected who are not doing well financially. Time to the cinema
to go and buy an extra helping of fresh fruits and vegetables or
Treating yourself to a trip on the HVV to visit friends - that
Meal 22
is often hardly possible for many of those affected. Many live on a minimal pension or on Hartz IV,
feel left alone and excluded from their surroundings. Necessary but expensive vitamin- Beautiful People 24
They cannot afford preparations or washing lotions.
The Hamburg Aids pastoral care set up the so-called sponsorship scene 26 16 years ago
Fund set up: It supports people in difficult situations. From this pool, affected
fene supported with a donation. You have to get the money personally from Pastor Detlev Gause
Program 30
pick up. This gives them the opportunity to talk about their worries and needs, as well as come
they get out of their four walls and have contact with other affected persons. The fund just exists
through private donations. The commitment of the sponsorship campaign has borne fruit in abundance: City Guide 44 since November 2007
50 576.57 euros were given to various AIDS aid projects in Hamburg.
The action can only work successfully because the scene goes along with it. Up to editorial classifieds 52
At the end of this edition, 28 participants had registered with various promotions:
tronomers, business owners, private individuals. This is encouraging, because it shows that the often hard-wearing
Portfolio 54
term of the community, which is not infrequently just a chimera, now and then with life
is filled and has its justification. Last but not least, sponsor-initiator Micco Dotzauer, the
tirelessly wooing participants, cleaning handles and sacrificing his free time for a good cause. Him trip 56
and you can't thank your supporters enough.
Insurance 60
Have fun while reading!
Television 62
Stefan Mielchen
Raffle 64

Long row 66

6 12 19 56
Title Hamburg culture trip
Life writes beautiful stories- donation marathon: Hamburg does what Kim Wilde is one of the pop icons Arosa celebrates, Sölden rocks the winter:
ten. But death? He is a frequent one and raises 80s money for a month. In hinnerk she talks about her gay ski weeks are always going to be
Taboo subject - we talk about it. for HIV-positive and AIDS sufferers. Comeback in the prime of life. more popular. We were there.

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letters to the editor [email protected]

On “Not resigned out of love”,

Ole von Beust did something that
Movement is very important. That it is under
In love
Ole von Beust
shows his friend gays as well as often older men with Hetereos

who are into younger people and vice versa, is un-

Conductor Jeffrey Tate
loves a man


Off to the cinema! argued. He was the first celebrity to make this public.
celebrates Rock Hudson

Autumn is getting queer:

Lesbian gay film days
Wowereit would never do that. FRANZ HÜPPE

For "fries and tits", don't go to any town where it sells 400,000 copies ... BUT: owed the victims a Holocaust? I
hinnerk 10/10 voters, although I also consider myself a thesis that D-Land is not a member of any party, but
I like to read your magazine and usually- gay people wouldn't feel comfortable there but would love to be modern and progressive- only use my "healthy" people-
moderate - but now I have to criticize- (because the fascists are mostly polite: give the foreigners your full understanding! JÜRGEN MAYER
to your blue-eyed mophob!) ... But I also boycott the right to vote and they will
gen report on Antwerp! In Ant-Carinthia / Austria as long as the valuable citizens of this country feel “What allow Strunz?”, Hinnerk 10/10
werpen there is a strong Haider party BZÖ in the city council. I do and will work for the country! If about style criticism in Ole v. B. ge
right-wing extremist party called "Vlaams I also worry about Holland, where a Let Turkey finally join the EU, so is written, is only from the one
Matters ”, which regularly distracted 30 percent of the right-wing madmen named Wilders that the latent or open racial scandal. A scandal
Gets votes. There is one there now the government supports (This sism against this group of people is that the fine gentleman without usual
All-party coalition through which this continued the Koran with Hitler's “My ends. This is my lesson from the rules of approach and distance for Roland Ber-
Party kept from governing is equal to “fight” - and was due to sweat (the younger ones can use it to buy more management consultancy
could (according to SPIEGEL)! Accused of hate speech!) Yes, I know - nothing more to do? - just go! But what is it of one
of the large Jewish community in Ant- also Mr. Sarrazin with his partly googled “Ausch-Mr. Extermination Camp” to expect people like
werpen actually unbelievable that the right-wing extremist theses find joke in D-Land ”) Are we not as descendants? Schill and Kusch served and served
se party is so successful there ... I applaud and his book has already been used by homosexual victims and building lighthouses in Hamburg
11_10_004-005_Letters to the readers 10/26/2010 3:00 p.m. Page 5

which was written only by our burned long before our time-
Tax money can appear bright. de, even if you say it is the word imprint
KARSTEN BONNICHSEN of God, that's how it became of people
put on paper. At the present time hinnerk publishing house exposure and printing
Steindamm 11, Media Print, Westerrönfeld
Every priest, yes everybody, should go to the "dispute over smokers' raid" Be happy that someone is still ✆ (040) 28 41 15-0 Sales
Fax (040) 28 41 15-80 Cartel X ✆ (040) 39 90 27 71, own account
I am annoyed by the gay attitude when al- is able to love another! [email protected] drove. hinnerk is used in around 250 locations in
lem always the same angry homophobic And it doesn't matter whether man / woman, [email protected] Hamburg and Northern Germany free of charge
ISDN (040) 28 41 15-55 distributed.
Suspect assaults. Gays are woman / woman or man / man loves. It
Publisher bank details
neither first nor second class citizens - it's about love! And nothing else! Peter Goebel (pege / -0) Hamburger Sparkasse,
se. If gay restaurateurs even have any kind of partnership, account 1251 124 671, bank code 20050550
their downsides thanks to the ashtrays. The homosexual Stefan Mielchen, V.i.S.d.P. (sm / -22) The advertisement price list applies to hinnerk
promote that against the non-smoker- is often and gladly pointed out as a pervert- No. 4 from 01.01.2010.
editorial staff
If the law is violated, then you have to ask, the only anal intercourse in Dun- Axel Schock (as) Event notices are free.
with the same consequent cornering. Then I ask myself, All program information is without guarantee.
Staff of this edition For unsolicited picture and
zen calculate like any other pub like it can be that the straight Torsten Bless, Ricardo M., Ulf Meyer, Björn text material will not assume any liability.
also. So what's the problem? And the same sexual practices, Reinfrank, Sven Karl Mai (photo), Claudia men. By name
Schmidt (photo), Martin Stiewe (photo) lazily do not necessarily give the opinion
since when are gay pubs no-go - how it can be that brothels, streets - the editorial office again. Duplication,
Areas for law enforcement officers? Stroke, swinger clubs etc. may exist. Cover: Storage and reprint only with
Authorization of the publisher. Place of jurisdiction
CHRISTIAN fen. Only because a homosexual couple is graphic and layout ✆ (040) 28 41 15- Hamburg.
Linda Lorenzen (-51)
is unable to read the Bible verse
Editorial deadline 1 2/10: January 15, 2010
To “Hamburger pastor does not like“ go there and increase yourselves ”to fulfill - Advertisement management Advertisement deadline 1 2/10: January 15, 2010
Christian Kranz (-31)
Homos ”, len, they are able to give love.
When I read the comment from Mr. And that is so often forgotten. I'm an advertising consultant ✆ (040) 28 41 15-
Oliver Kahler (-33)
Read soot, I just feel sick. I'm sorry that Dennis Döhler (-92)
That people have a belief the Bible is advanced. When we Christopher Schnoor (trainee) (-34)
And live it out is nice and would do all that classifieds in the Bible
good, but in 2010 it still says, then the world would be a- Nick Schmidt (trainee)
✆ (040) 28 41 15-0
to have to look different, true to the Bible. MICHAEL
Accounting (Tue + Thu 2-6 p.m.)
should / must live is for me un-
✆ (040) 28 41 15-
of course. The Bible is a book which Andrea Bremer (-42) edition IVW-checked
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Life writes beautiful stories.

But death? Loss and grief are
not least because of AIDS to one
has become an important issue for gays.
So let's talk about a taboo

6 hinnerk 1 1/10
11_10_006-011_Titel 26.10.2010 3:03 p.m. Page 7

Death is a set of behavior patterns that they resort to
Brand new
assumption state. How
go gay men
ner deal with it? hinnerk
can to shape a crisis situation.

h How do you organize a mourning process

in our
spoke to the psy-
chotherapist mar-
kus Straube.
Loss through death is a state of emergency. He
justifies all forms of experience. Important is,
h Markus, mourn
Gays different?
To create spaces in which you can do what you can
experienced, can also live through. Be it together
with other people of trust, or also
the future.
Mourning is always cool with professional support and self-help.
specific: the basic themes of mourning processes
sen are always the same, the forms are o Often there are friends or family members
shaped by the cultural background. Gays overwhelmed. How do you meet one
can be here because of their life situation and mourners?
assign their own culture to their history. Appreciating and accepting! Advices are
also blows: a mourner needs the feeling
h What are the basic themes of grief? to be accepted and not to feel like a
For example, the coping strategies that come up with a solution or a panacea to get
show in different emotional states. Grief is very individual. The key
gen: sadness, anger, not wanting to believe. Or the self question is always: What would help you? And not:
the need to make peace and deal with How can I help you? Everyone is the expert
to accept something. Fear and hopelessness until te of his life and know for yourself what is most important to him
depression are also always an issue. is best. He needs someone who can do it with him
These phases run differently, which is described.
low states can all arise, severe
have points or occur with a delay. Grief- h When the issue of being gay in life
Researchers assume that one has been tabooed in all states, how is it then in the
that gives one space: Does one need mourning in a state of affairs?
For example, more space from sadness than in death. In death it often has to be confessed again
stood in anger. Giving to this form of life is what contributes to it
Gays are often difficult. For example, if the parents suddenly
h Are gay men, strengthened by taking action and the partner or the
ignoring the coming-out, more crisis-proof in the event of the deceased's wishes. Therefore
Loss? it is important to take precautions in good time and an acceptance
The question is: How do people create transitions? dance to make. If you don't do this beforehand
The coming-out is always a transition that regulates, the legal situation can be extremely difficult
be present at different points throughout your life.
is. This gives gays a wider range. INTERVIEW: STEFAN MIELCHEN

Advice included. When it comes to Apple & Co.

you have come to the right place.
We analyze your needs exactly and
Authorized only sell you what you really are
Need resellers. Experience digital ideas.

GRAVIS stores near you:

Bremen: Am Wall 127 | Hamburg: Grindelallee 41 | Ida-
Honor place 1–3 | Lübeck: Haerder Center, Sandstrasse 1–5 |
Hanover: Ernst-August-Galerie, Ernst-August-Platz 2
28x in Germany and on the Internet:

hinnerk 10/10 7

GRAVIS_hinnerk_10.10.indd 1 15.10.2010 9:46:05 am

11_10_006-011_Titel 26.10.2010 3:04 p.m. Page 8


Go on living
“Who thinks about dying in their mid-30s?” - Three stories of farewell and death, grief and survival

Eight years, four months, twelve days. I have not received a single credit, this administrative stuff, this much
He wants to miss the day of that and make the decisions for each individual: urn grave or burial?
These days he must be heartily grateful. “I have to. Which cemetery? Should there be a memorial service and
learn to be happy that we have this joint, what should it look like? ”He never got over with Martin
Time was granted instead of grieving that such things were entertaining. "Why should you? Who thinks
Martin is no longer there, ”says Philip. "If only I thought about dying in my mid-30s?"
would know how to do it ... ”Three months after Martin's death, Philip had one
Eight years, four months and twelve days were Phi nervous breakdowns. Since then he has been helped by a therapy
lip and martin a couple. They got to know each other peut to deal with the loss. When the longing
at the birthday party of a mutual friend looking for Martin becomes unbearable, he writes to him
des. After a few weeks they were together letters. He buries her among the sunflowers
pulled. At some point they wanted their partnership to be one that he planted on the grave.
without a big party. It is not for that
more came. When Philip came from the
When the night shift came home at the hospital, there was simply too much in the end:
Martin dead in bed. Sudden cardiac death. “He looked like a dragged syphilis, the separation from his
whether he slept - and he was simply a lover in his sleep. Realizing that it is with the academic
Gone. ”Philip still finds it difficult about this career would be irrevocably over. In December
to speak for a moment. It always has to be about last year, Carsten took his life
and do it again and again. Like him this immobility with a combination of different drugs
seemed so strange to supposed sleepers. Like an end. Because he suspected that his parents were in him
he leaned over him. How the knowledge through which the North Hessian province would "bring home" had
Head shot that Martin is no longer alive. he left precise instructions as to where and how he was
“The amazing thing was that after this first I wanted to find my last rest. The relatives feel
Shock and everything that broke down on me, as if duped by it: You stayed at the funeral
Robot worked. Quite unemotional, but distant. Carsten had secretly hoped for it. Be
casual. Today I am wondering how I managed it all - the circle of friends took care of everything - the apartment

8 hinnerk 1 1/10
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dissolution, the cremation and also to it should have been the other way around ", he
Karlheinz counts the bulk pack of foam rubber mice.
which after the funeral together, as Friedhelm knew that he did not
should be cleaned. There was a lot more time left at the funeral service, he began
became, as he wished, a song of great clarity to prepare for.
Anthony & The Johnsons as well as one of He was not religious but pragmatic. He
Played Frankie Goes To Hollywood. She wanted to leave this world in an orderly fashion. "Hay-
Carsten left the urn on an anonymous te I know that this will also be his last great
Buried cemetery. He wanted under the ßer token of love was: He wanted me
Lawns just disappear, nothing should have so little work and pro-
remember him in the cemetery. Should have as few problems as possible. "
of friends have defiant letters during the occupation, for example to authorities and
trying to remember the spot. Insurance, he had already
wrote. Karlheinz only needed the date
One year, nine months and two days were left to choose the grave.
has passed since Karlheinz, however, has overtaken his partner all alone.
partner Friedhelm has carried to the grave. to let. “Now we are in our old days
Almost 50 people had become landowners at the funeral.
came, including many former den, ”says Karlheinz and shows with one
Colleagues. Karlheinz had been on the double grave since a touched smile:
retired a few years. The closest location, morning sun, the next water
Friends and family were less than ten meters away in Serhahn. His
Karlheinz already has the last days of Friedhelm's life under his own name
to be able to say goodbye personally. have the tombstone engraved. And
The cancer has not been in a long time when it turns into a new one
to stop. In the end all that remained was that dying man should fall in love? “He would have to
to be as human as possible. get along that we are a threesome
“I had had a lot in the last few weeks. Friedhelm becomes the most important
Impression that Friedhelm will remain so much stronger in my life. On it
ker than me. He comforted me and nothing will change. ”AXEL SCHOCK

hinnerk 1 1/10 9
11_10_006-011_Titel 26.10.2010 3:05 p.m. Page 10


final decision
There are many paths for the final journey. You just have to find it

I lie on my back and black robe that is usually worn. "
with closed eyes into the darkness. Littmann thinks it can be more unconventional:
It's so tight and so damp around me, “For example, we recently got a different shape
i think of you. I can’t get it at all: chosen to say goodbye for a friend. The
You're not lying next to me tonight and I'm freezing. Funeral service took place in a 100 square meter
How laughs the wind, how weeps the rain, instead of a bright room that didn't look like a church.
I would really like to hear it! The coffin of our friend, the gay restaurateur
As you can imagine, there was a stand in the middle and 40 people sat around it
the rock-hard silence there, people who more or less knew him.
four meters below the earth. In the funeral service everyone had the opportunity to stand up
(Ludwig Hirsch: “I lie on the back”) and to tell an anecdote, something, what
one had experienced with the deceased. Those were
As he lived, he also wants to say goodbye. very different stories, all facets
Corny Littmann is far from having his egg covered - sad, humorous. It was
Having to organize a proper funeral. One does not have a funeral orator, but many said afterwards that every
but he already decrees: “All my friends have said goodbye in their own way, but honestly.
sen that wear black clothes at my funeral service. "
is forbidden ”, Littmann recently explained in an in
terview with time online. “Nobody comes in with that.” 854,545 times last year. So many people star-
For the 57-year-old, the exclusion has a simple 2009 in the Federal Republic. The majority came
reason: "In a funeral service in which all participants - classically underground: 58 percent of the deceased
If you wear colored clothes, you have to be buried in a coffin. A big pig
A completely different atmosphere than this depressive rei: The Sargues produce several million liters

10 hinnerk 1 1/10
11_10_006-011_Titel 26.10.2010 3:05 p.m. Page 11

a liquid that is called "ancestral broth" in the jargon of the gravedigger and

easily passed through as hazardous waste: from drug residues to
everything is included with amalgam-sealed tooth remnants.
So it is also a contribution to environmental protection if more and more people
choose a cremation. Often it is a conscious decision
The reason for deviating from the norm: above all so-called Friedwälder
booming. "As individual as you are, the possibilities in a peaceful
forest to find his last resting place "advertises a brochure for the" funeral
in nature ”. The ashes of a deceased are here at the roots
buried in a tree. Upon request, a name plaque will remind you of whoever
went. The brochure praises another advantage: “The grave maintenance
later nature takes ”. Price-conscious demise in the "quiet biotope". To die
is right on trend.
Gays who are self-respecting prefer to move to the big
city, also final. On the Old St. Matthew Cemetery in Berlin-Schöneberg
is not only the Hamburg gay activist and historian Hans-Georg-
Stupid. Napoleon Seyfarth, Jürgen Baldiga, Hans-Peter Hauschild, And-
reas Meyer-Hanno, Manfred Salzgeber - if there would be a gay ghost hour
at midnight, the earlier political and cultural movement celebrated many a thing here
lavish party. With Ichgola Androgyn, a long-serving Berlin politician has
tuned the cemetery café and flower shop. From there it is
not far to the grave of her late friend Ovo Maltine, who daily Ichgola
Lich visited to chat or sing a song to her. For them this is
Cemetery a place of communication with the deceased. In the case of the
Matthäus Kirchhofs, it is also a place to do good: whoever is here
Sponsorship helps to create beautiful gravestones or tombs
th to get. You can acquire your own right of use at the same time.
Illustrious gay neighbors included. STEFAN MIELCHEN consolation - other burials
Weidenallee 21 / HH Schanze
Erikastraße 42 / HH Eppendorf
Tel: 040/43 27 44 11
Photos: Stefan Mielchen

The pictures were taken in the old Matthäus Kirchhof in Berlin.

Counselor heirs
For many people the question is what after
their death remains from them, even during their lifetime
of great importance. In cooperation with
the inheritance institute Berlin has the Hannchen-
Multipurpose Foundation a guide to everything
Inheritance and inheritance for lesbians and gays
compiled. The informative brochure
gives numerous tips on what to do before
better regulate a death. You can on
can be downloaded from the Foundation's website:

hinnerk 1 1/10 11
11_10_012-015_Hamburg 10/26/2010 3:07 p.m. Page 12


do something
Donations, donations, donations:
a month of action against AIDS

12 hinnerk 11/10
11_10_012-015_Hamburg 10/26/2010 3:07 p.m. Page 13

u what! The call can- sponsorship fund of the AIDS pastoral care.
not more unequivocally He supports people who
be. The initiative “The sponsors because of their illness from a minor
- together against AIDS "makes the nimalen pension or Hartz IV live
November to the action must again. You can often add
nat to raise money for Hamburg’s medical needs for vital
Aids pastoral care to collect. min preparations or special washing
At the time of going to press, the solutions hadn't paid for themselves. "The money
28 catering establishments, individuals need these people each
and business people found to month in person in the office of the AIDS
Micco Dotzauer and his team to pick up un- pastoral care. This guarantees
support. For the third time, the tiert takes place that the staff around pastor
“Do something!” - Action now taking place, Detlev Gause at least once in the
which is organized on a purely voluntary basis. Month of personal contact with the
Hinnerk is also there and provides kos-those affected ”, emphasizes Micco
tenless ad room ready. In the Dotzauer. “This fund just exists
four weeks before World AIDS Day from donations. "
aims to take a different look at the topic of HIV and AIDS
extremely different ways in which an exhibition
awareness. So order from Hein & Fiete until the end of November
organizes the restaurant “Das Dorf” a November shows: “Men like
Charity dinner, the "warehouse" on us ". Three Russian star photographers
the long row donates for each put men in the limelight. They advertise
Customers who shop on December 1st to show respect for gay
one euro, in “Bellini” the same goes and gives protection against HIV
the sum of each sold long - one face. They show men that
drink on Fridays and Saturdays- love, men who have a lust for life-
In November to the godparents' notes, which sometimes drop everything
tion. On November 20th, jumping into and into the unruly
“Sex explosion” on the small powder pond. The men in the photos are
the second "sex dance" takes place. There “men like us”. This exhibition
can not only listen to music from a DJ is on loan from the IWWIT Campaign
Porn-Oh-Rama to be danced, the gne of the German AIDS Aid. The
The photo project was carried out by the Russian
ready for anything for two, the third prevention organization LaSky initi-
or more particularly enjoyment with which Hein & Fiete cooperates.
makes. You can see the pictures next to Mother Madonna von
the sisters of the Perpetual In-
The Safety Crew will also be dulgent (Fri 4 to 9 p.m., Sat 4 to 7 p.m.).
from Hein & Fiete for the necessary Sa- All participants and events
fer sex paraphernalia. The “do something” campaign can be found
The collected money goes to the at die-p

Candlelight walk
In memory of the deceased and around
to draw attention to HIV and AIDS,
det on November 30th on the occasion of the World AIDS
another candlelight walk takes place on the day. At 18
Clock starts in the main church of St. Jakobi
AIDS service with Pastor Detlef Gause and
Provost and senior pastor Kirsten Fehrs
like pilgrim pastor Bernd Lohse. The schoolgirl
NEN of the vocational school for health care
will accompany the service as well as
the choir "Capella Perigrina" under the direction
by Ute Weitkämper. Afterwards the candlelight starts at 7.30 p.m.
Walk. With the walk from St. Jakobi through the city center and St. Georg should
reminds of the deceased, shows solidarity with those affected
the. To finish off, there is mulled wine, punch and pastries at Hein & Fiete. SM
11_10_012-015_Hamburg 10/26/2010 3:11 p.m. Page 14


; QI C


Winter Pride!

œDGT / KVINKGFGT WPF DKGVGP A mulled wine stall becomes a Christmas market: Hamburg Pride Chef
5RQTVCTVGP Lars Peters explains what will change during Winter Pride in St. Georg

* OUFSFTTF h Lars, we now have the winter mulled wine stall for such activities
Pride is moving and there is also a real place: On our stage!
yourself? h What will happen on stage?