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The most beautiful beaches in Venice

The lagoon city of Venice is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Italy. The charming city is known for its narrow streets, through which canals flow, and the great towers, squares and cathedrals. However, not all who come to Venice are only there for the sights. Many like to spend their summer vacation on the great beaches in and around Venice. As you may know, bathing and swimming is strictly forbidden in the Venice canals. So that you know where you can still jump into the water, I'll show you most beautiful beaches in Venice

Where are the most beautiful beaches in Venice?

Map of the most beautiful beaches in Venice

Venice Lido

Most Beaches in Venice are located on Lido di Venezia. We are talking about a narrow strip of sand in front of Venice, which separates the lagoon from the open Adriatic Sea. Some of you film fans may be familiar with the narrow spit, because they find them on Lido every year Venice International Film Festival instead of.

Anyone who has always wanted to relax on the Venetian Adriatic coast is in good hands on Lido. Due to the numerous breakwaters in front of the coast, the beaches are ideal for a family vacation with small children.

The beach on the offshore island of Lido di Venezia is around 12 kilometers long and is considered one of the first lidos in the world. What immediately strikes you are the so-called Cabanas. These are small huts right on the beach that you can rent by the day.

These beach huts are equipped with loungers, umbrellas, tables and chairs so that you can make yourself comfortable there with friends and families. On the beach promenades you will find tons of restaurants and bars that will take away your hunger and thirst.

Spiaggia di San Nicolò

Before we look at the most beautiful beaches in Venice you should know the following. The Lido has both free and private, paid beaches. The boundaries between these beaches are not always very clear, so you should pay special attention to them. One of the few public beaches on Venice Lido is the Spiaggia di San Nicolò.

This stretch of beach is located in the nature reserve and is considered to be particularly wild and natural. However, this also means that there are no sanitary facilities, such as toilets or showers, on this beach. The biggest advantage: the beach is not overcrowded even in the high season, so you can relax Beach vacation in Venice nothing stands in the way.

Spiaggia di Murazzi

Everyone who wants complete peace and quiet during a vacation by the sea should do so Murazzi Beach to seek out. This beach is also one of the rarefree beaches in Venice.

However, you have to do without showers, changing rooms and toilets here as well. You can recognize the beach by the white rocks, the so-called "Murazzi", which give the beach its name.

Bagni Alberoni

If you travel all the way to the south of Lido, you will get to the Alberoni Beach. The tourist infrastructure is still in its infancy here, so that the beach section is hardly built up or populated.

In addition to a wide sandy beach, you will find on Bagni Alberoni a seaside pool with cabins and deck chairs. However, entry is required for this. You only have to share this stretch of beach with a few other holidaymakers.

Blue moon

Now we come to the most popular one Beach in Venice. The Blue Moon Beach is also in the east of Lido and is a free stretch of beach. And although you don't pay an entrance fee here, there is on Blue moon beach Changing rooms and toilets.

There are a number of snack bars and restaurants available for those who are hungry in between. If you don't just want to lie around lazily on the beach, you can pick up the necessary portion of action from the local water sports rental shop.


If you have a little more time in your luggage, you can travel a little further and the Beaches near Venice check out. About 100 kilometers away from Venice is Bibione, a popular holiday destination on the Adriatic coast of the Veneto region.

And that's exactly where you will find the perfect conditions for a dreamy oneBeach vacation near Venice. In the village you will find a 10 kilometer long sandy beach that slopes gently into the water and has everything a vacationer's heart desires.

Spiaggia di Pluto

The first beach that I would like to introduce to you in this region is something for all pet owners. Because this beach is one of the fewDog beaches near Venice. So everyone who is planning to travel to Italy with their beloved four-legged friend has come to the right place at the Spiaggia di Pluto.

Your companion can let off steam and splash around in the water. However, he must remain on a leash on the beach. In addition to your own dog showers, veterinarians and a fenced area where your most loyal friend can run free, there is also a Spiaggia di Pluto even free dog training and agility courses.


The Place Caorle has become a popular destination for most people because of its incredibly beautiful old town. On both sides of the village, however, there are a total of 15 kilometers of golden-yellow sand beach directly on the blue, glittering sea.

In the family-friendly restaurant you can enjoy regional cuisine and treat yourself to a sundowner or two in the evening. The public Beach near Venice is great for everyone who longs for relaxation and tranquility.


Another sizeable sandy beach with a considerable length of 15 kilometers is only a stone's throw from Venice and is considered to be one of the most varied beaches in the area. At theJesolo Beach Great importance is attached to high water quality and nature conservation.

The blue flag that waves on the beach confirms the cleanliness of the beach. The adjacent pine forest gives the beach section its charm. In addition to absolute relaxation, you can go to Jesolo Beach try loads of activities in the water and on land.

Your vacation on the most beautiful beaches in Venice

Those were the most beautiful Beaches in Venice and in the vicinity of the lagoon city. If you go straight to the next Venice vacation want to leave, I might have a few suitable offers for you. Just browse a little through my travel search engine and find suitable bargains according to your taste and budget.

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