How much do BPS dentures cost

Dentures: an overview of the costs of dental crowns, bridges and implants

If your natural teeth are no longer healthy or if you have lost teeth in an accident, you can continue to bite hard thanks to dentures. But what does dentures cost? It depends on the type of dentures you have. From dental bridges to dental prostheses and crowns to implants: New teeth cost different amounts. Would you like your Renew teeth completely, this can cost you up to five-digit amounts depending on the selected dentures. A single, new tooth costs up to 2,200 euros. At the beginning of an extensive dental prosthesis, a treatment and cost plan is created. Your dental specialist will determine how the treatment will take place and calculate the probable ones Cost of your dentures. These are made up of various items. This includes the Dental laboratory costs, the material costs and the respective Dental fee. With a look at your personal treatment plan, you can see exactly how much it costs to have your teeth done.

Fixed or removable dentures?

As part of the treatment plan, your dentist will suggest a fixed or a removable denture. Dental crowns, for example, are fixed. Here they are calculated Denture cost per tooth. Also Bridges are fixed and close smaller gaps in the dentition again. The cost of one removable dentures vary depending on the size and model of the dentures used: A denture in the lower jaw costs more than for the upper jaw. The disadvantage of implant-supported full dentures: They are more expensive than a simple full denture. Telescopic prostheses, consisting of a fixed and a removable dental prosthesis, cost the most: For high-quality material such as gold, you pay per double crown 800 euros or more.

Your dental prosthesis costs per tooth in comparison:

(The prices given are approximate values ​​without the benefits of your insurance)

  • Dental implant costs:
    The cost of dental implants ranges from 1,800 euros to 3,400 euros per tooth and depend, among other things, on the material used and on whether an additional bone structure is required. The costs for an implant in the molar are in the upper range.
  • Dental crown costs:
    The price of the tooth crown depends largely on the material used: A tooth crown costs from 400 euros for a single crown made of partial ceramic up to 700 euroin choosing a gold crown for your tooth. An all-ceramic crown costs up to 1,000 euros. A ceramic crown with a stable core made of zirconium oxide is cheaper. This zirconium crown costs on average 350 Euro.
  • Cost of full and partial dentures:
    Removable partial dentures cost between 3,000 and 6,000 euros.
    The full denture is the cheapest option among removable dentures and the standard care for edentulous jaws. This dental prosthesis costs approx. 500 to 850 euros. be.
  • Veneers cost:
    Veneers cost around around per tooth 500 euro

The different prices show: Cost of dentures can put a strain on your wallet. With the right supplementary dental insurance, you can save money! In any case, contact your insurance company and let them advise you on the costs.