How the new leafless fan works

Graphics card: fan won't spin - you can do that

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If the fans of the graphics card are not turning, this can be due to various causes. Turn off the fans until you find a solution. In this way you avoid possible damage that can result from overheating the hardware.

These can be the causes when the fans stop working

Normally, the card's fans turn on at least briefly when the computer starts up. If this is not the case, you should check the power supply to the graphics card.
  1. Many of the newer models require extra power to run the fans, among other things. You usually get this via 6- or 8-pin plugs that are plugged into the end of the card.
  2. Some graphics cards are set by the manufacturer so that they only turn on the fans under load. This is used to save electricity and to keep noise levels as low as possible.
  3. In rare cases, a software defect can also trigger such a problem. Uninstall the card's drivers and associated software. Then install the latest drivers.
Of course, there may also be a defect in the graphics card or the fan. If so, you should check the manufacturer's or dealer’s warranty policy. If necessary, you can send the card in for repair free of charge.

Adjust the fan curve yourself - these tools will help

With programs such as SpeedFan or the MSI Afterburner, you have the option of manually adjusting the fan curve of your graphics card. For example, you can specify that the fans rotate faster or even rotate at all when the load is low.

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