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Ann Granger - Curiosity is a quick death

Historical crime thriller

Publishing company:Bastei Lübbe

Cover design: Tanja Østlyngen

Cover illustration: © David Hopkins / phosphorart

ISBN-13: 978-3-404-16444-8

Pages: 332 pages

Published: September 25, 2010

Original title: "Mortal Curiosity"

Translator: Axel Merz


Spine text

“New Forest, England 1864: The rural idyll is deceptive. A baby tragically dies. The young mother is desperate. Desperate enough to commit murder? Shortly afterwards, the pied piper of the place comes to a cruel end. When Lizzie Martin arrived in the New Forest from London, she stumbled over a corpse again and had to rely once again on her intuition and the help of her old friend Benjamin Ross of Scotland Yard to solve the crime.

My opinion

This is the second volume in the series about Lizzy Martin and Benjamin Ross - and I was really looking forward to seeing the two likable investigators again, but unfortunately this part did not fully convince me.

This was mainly due to the lengthy entry. Lizzy goes to the country to work as a partner there - and the first third of the book is almost all about getting there and introducing the different people who live with Lizzy on the property. Although you get a great impression of the landscape in picturesque Cornwall, this part was just too lengthy for me. And even then, not much happens at first - by the time the dead man mentioned in the blurb appears, almost half of the novel is over - a shame. But then the story finally begins to move. Of course, Lizzy is again worried about who the killer could be, but Scotland Yard is soon switched on and Benjamin Ross travels to solve the case. I found the second half to be much more entertaining to read - it is investigated and researched, there are surprising twists and turns, and at least I had a clue, but I was on the wrong track for a long time as to who was the culprit.

I like both Lizzy and Benjamin very much - but in this part I missed the entertaining exchange of blows between the two, which I liked so much in the first volume. Actually there are only a few scenes in which they even meet and then act together - and I thought that was a bit of a shame. Not only because I liked the conversations between the two of them so much, but also because I would have liked a little more crackling in their relationship, which was hinted at at the end of the first volume.

On the other hand, I liked the idea of ​​the book a lot. Perhaps it wasn't really new, but it was well thought out and plausible. Unfortunately, the implementation was not my thing - precisely because the beginning was much too lengthy for me. Not much happens, there are innumerable descriptions that have created many images in my head, but that have also made the story very lengthy. But the second half was successful, something happens here, things are progressing in rapid succession, and investigations are being carried out in different directions. Even if the second half was very entertaining, I didn't find the start successful - that's why I give the book 3/5 stars.

My conclusion

This time the likable Lizzy ends up in the country, where she is embroiled again in a murder case after an unfortunately very long-winded introduction. Unfortunately, it takes a long time for the story to really pick up speed, but then it caught me. I missed the entertaining discussions between Lizzy and Ben, and the crackling between the two of them that appeared in the last volume was a bit neglected here. Despite the criticism, the book was very entertaining and I give it 3/5 stars.

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