How to pause League of Legends Patch

Hello guys & comma; I just noticed myself & comma; that I have such a small cube under my tongue & comma; then I am

hello people, I just noticed that I have such a small pebble under my tongue, then I went to the mirror and stuck my tongue up and just saw a pointed pebble what is that? should I go to the doctor? I

What happens & comma; when I make a League of Legends transfer & period; For example from Euw in NA & quest;

So I'm level 30. Gold 1 if I do a transfer now will my rank be unranked again and will I lose my skins (including champs)? ... As soon as your automatic transfer is complete, you will be your level, champions, skin

How do you do Yasuo's hairstyle from League of Legends & quest;

Maybe a few people know about League of Legends. I just love Yasuo's hairstyle, which as far as I know is a yamabushi braid. Unfortunately, you can't find anything on the internet for a yamabushi braid, if you can, I'd prefer it

When I was banned from the League of Legends & comma; what is after & quest;

If I get a 14 day ban and get banned again. Will I then get a perma ban or another 14 days ban? For what reason would you be banned? How often would you be banned beforehand? I would be careful. Know someone at de

Does dota2 make sense as a replacement for the League of Legends & quest;

hello people i'm a league of legends fan but after my acc was banned i didn't feel like starting again now i played other moba games like heros of newereth but i didn't get along very well with the shop and the champion system

Problems with BugSplat & period; ddl for League of Legends & quest;

Good evening, I have had the problem since today that I can no longer get into Legaue of Legends so I can start the launcher without problems and when I press the START button it loads briefly and then happens but not I have this Pr

What can I do in the League of Legends & quest;

This is a message from league of legends If the problem with the HTTP connection is meant, you should simply run the .exe file as administrator. To do this, right click on the file

Looking for good names for the League of Legends & excl; & quest;

Hey, I'm just signing up to play but I still need a good name, I'm probably looking for it. one that lou holds and probably. also a name of one of the characters. Who would be great if you could answer me quickly! LG Lou <3Ne ​​something doesn't work kr

How do I change the Elo in the League of Legends & quest;

I have a question about League of Legends. I'm level 30, have played my 10 matches and a few more. I was classified silver 3 and I wanted to get into a higher Elo. Silver 1 or 2 if I can do it also Go

League of Legends & comma; that suits me for me & excl;

Hello hello dear readers, I know that's annoying but I would like to know which champion you think belongs to me !!! I like to play ad both ap = full runes When I play an ad it should almost always be the winner in individual combat

I invite LoL & lpar; League of Legends & rpar; down & quest;

I want to download it today but want a fours and so help! You won't get any viruses if you drop it on the official site;)

Fraps blocked the camera in the League of Legends

Hello everyone I have a problem with my recently acquired fraps. When I try to record the League of Legends, the camera gets stuck where I am. Unless I activate the lol function locked camera then ic can

Good music for the League of Legends Gambling

Hi folks, I've been to all of the sites to somehow find a good playlist for LoL. But until now it wasn't successful :( I like to listen to electro, house, RnB, dubstep, drum n bass, even charts if they are really songs :) I

Why is the sky blue & comma; if we look up from below & comma; but completely colorless & sol; are invisible & comma; when we see the earth from the universe & quest;

I mean the vertical view from the ground in the direction of space and the vertical view from space (earth orbit) to the earth. You look through exactly the same layers of air in the atmosphere, regardless of direction, why is the color appearance r?

FPS Drops in League of Legends & quest;

Hello first, I recently flattened my laptop and since then I have had very high FPS problems in League of Legends. Before I always had 40-50 FPS and now at the beginning of the game normally -60, on the lane only 30 and in a team

Best top track in the League of Legends

Hi guys :) The title should explain the question ^^. I ask because I recently played LoL with a buddy and he was bot as Kog Maw and was ADC .. I was then solo top but didn't know what to take then took Sivir and my ga

League of Legends high ping & period; & period; & period; - & period; -

Hello, for several leases I've always had a high ping in LoL at different times. The best time to gamble would be at night from 00:00 ... so the ping has always stayed down until now ... I've been playing the game for 3 years now ... and I was able to

Problem with the start of the League of Legends & quest;

So the following, I assembled an old computer to play lol. I installed all drivers and installed League of Legends. However, when I click on "start" I only get the message that there is no supported 16 bit application

Problems with the League of Legends Patch & quest;

Hello, I have had problems starting League since the last patch. I then uninstalled it. During the reinstallation it said that I probably had no internet connection or that I had problems with the firewall. Checked both. Firewall off