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Birth after chemo of the mother: "My baby is my child prodigy"

Jade Devis needed excellent doctors to keep her baby

For this journey into the unknown, she needed courageous specialists, which she found at the Loma Linda University Cancer Center. The spiritually interested Jade Devis felt in the best of hands at this Christian-Protestant university.

After the malignant lump was removed, the chemo cycles began. For triple negative breast cancer, flooding the body with cell toxins is the only treatment option. In this type of cancer, no targeted attack on the tumor is possible because it has no receptors for estrogen, progesterone or HER2, as is the case with 80 percent of breast cancers. In addition, this aggressive cancer quickly becomes resistant to the chemo-active substances. Doctors therefore have to keep using new drugs, trusting their strong effects and trying to contain the side effects.

Doctors, nutritionists, social workers - Jade Devis' team around the clock

In the case of Jade Devis, breast cancer specialist Gayathri Nagaraj had to tailor the complex therapy not only to the patient, but also to the child in her stomach. "Getting through chemotherapy is difficult for everyone," says the doctor. "In Jade's case, we had to be doubly careful and vigilant to ensure the safety of the patient and the baby."

At the Loma Linda University Cancer Center, a large multidisciplinary team took care of this very special cancer patient: In addition to oncologists and nurses, they included pharmacists, nutritionists, social workers and high-risk obstetricians. A care coordinator orchestrated this unique team to ensure that mother and child received the best care that would ensure both survival and health.

Baby Bradley is healthy and hopefully his mom will be too soon

The effort was worth it: At the end of July 2019, Jade Devis gave birth to a healthy boy whom she named Bradley. “My baby is my child prodigy,” Devis said after the birth. “I feel blessed when I look at my son. He is alive and well. I can't ask for more. "

Devis ‘Doctors want a little more: The young mother's last chemo doesn't end until the end of November. The practitioners are confident that Jade Devis will be cancer-free after her treatment.

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