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Korean boy names: traditional & extraordinary

The search for the right first name presents us as parents-to-be with the first major challenge. After all, we don't want just any name for our baby - we want the best. If you are looking for an unusual and at the same time traditional first name for your son that also has a beautiful meaning, Korean boy names are the perfect choice. We have put together the most beautiful ones for you here.

Korean boy names - what's so special?

Korea is a beautiful country full of traditions. In the millennia-old history, naming also plays an important role. Many Koreans believe that a person's first name influences their fate - preferably with happiness, health, success and satisfaction. This is why expectant parents start looking for the right name for their baby long before the birth. Many even hire a name specialist especially for them. In addition to the exact date and time of birth, various traditional elements also play a role in the selection.

There are many unisex names in Korea that are suitable for both boys and girls. Typical Korean boy names often combine characteristics such as strength, power, courage or truth.

Korean boy names are mostly short

Most Korean boy names traditionally consist of just one or two syllables. In the meantime, however, there are more and more three-syllable first names. What is special is that the Koreans put their family name before their first name, exactly the other way around than with us. This can sometimes lead to confusion. In addition, the names can be written in one word and with or without a hyphen. That doesn't change their meaning.

14 Korean boy names and what they mean

Now we don't want to keep you tortured any longer. We have collected 14 beautiful Korean boy names for you - here are our favorites:

1. Baekhyun

A great name for a big brother. So if you're sure your son will have a sibling, Baekhyun is the perfect first name. Translated it means "Good older brother".

2. Choi

A unisex name that is suitable for both (tall) boys and (tall) girls. It means something like "Imposing" or "Tall".

3. Donghae

Do you live by the sea or even on the Baltic Sea? Then take a look at the Korean first name Donghae. Translated it means something like "East Sea".

4. Haru

In addition to Korea, Haru is often given as a boy's name in Japan. Does that have something to do with its beautiful meaning? As the name for "Sun" or "Spring" it goes perfectly with those born in spring, born between February and May.

5. Hoseok

The perfect first name for your little one "Sunshine" - that is exactly what it means.

6. Jong-Hun

Do you wish your son a true fighter by nature? Then you are right with this Korean boy name. Jong-Hun translates as something like "The seeking warrior".

7. Kibum

This boy's name is so special that it's guaranteed to be remembered by others. Translated it means by the way "The growing law" or "Ascending law".

8. Kwon

Are you looking for a Korean boy name that expresses power and strength? Then Kwon could be the one. Translated, the sonorous boy's first name means something like "Force" or "Authority".

9. Myung

This first name has several wonderful meanings. Myung can do both "bright" as well as "Radiant" or "clear" be called.

10. Namjoon

When we talk about Korean boy names, Namjoon cannot be missing from the list. This first name is very common in Korea. He means "Good looking year" - and what year could look better than the one your son will be born in?

11. Sehun

A name that is guaranteed not to be forgotten anytime soon - just like its meaning. According to the translation, whoever's first name is Sehun has himself "An order in society" earned.

12. Shi

This boy name is also very popular and widespread in Korea. He can be translated with "the truth is" or. "in reality".

13. Soo-Ri

The Eagle stands for strength, courage and vision. If you wish your son these characteristics, you can use this first name to name him after the proud king of the air.

14. Taehyung

Having a child of their own is a factor for many parents Life dream coming true. If you want your son's name to express just that, you can call him Taehyung.

Now we're excited: Which Korean boy name is your favorite? Or maybe we have forgotten a particularly beautiful first name? We look forward to your opinion - in the comments or our closed Facebook group "We are real mums".

Are you expecting a little girl? Of course, there are also beautiful Korean girl names.

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