Cancel amazon prime how long refund tax


Key facts at a glance:

  • PREMIUM / PREMIUM + cannot be canceled within the TVNOW PREMIUM app. This can only be done on the website.
  • TVNOW PREMIUM / PREMIUM + can be canceled at any time during the test phase - up to one day before the end of the test phase.
  • After the end of the test phase, the TVNOW PREMIUM / PREMIUM + package can be canceled at any time with 30 days' notice.

Instructions for termination:

  1. Open the following link in your web browser: and log into your account with your login data.
  2. There you can cancel your active TVNOW PREMIUM package by stating a reason for cancellation.
  3. If you still want to use your package, you can withdraw your cancellation at before your remaining term has expired.
  4. Your booked package can be used for the rest of the term.


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