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How does the perfect crema succeed on the espresso?

The crema, the golden brown foam, is what makes espresso what we love about it. In addition to its strong taste of the small, strong, a stable crema is an essential part of a good espresso. But how does it work? the perfect crema on the espresso?

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Many factors play an essential role in ensuring that the espresso receives its unmistakable crema. On the one hand, it depends on the mixture of the coffee beans used. Since the crema is mostly from the Coffee bean oil, but also consists of proteins, sugar and carbon dioxide, the properties of the coffee bean are essential. In order to achieve an optimal crema, it is an advantage if the espresso mixture has a certain proportion of Robusta beans. The Robusta contributes significantly to the perfect crema, a lower oil content, compared to the Arabica, ensures the thick, stable crema. Espresso blends have a very variable proportion of espresso beans. You have to try out which espresso blend suits your taste best. The combinations and compositions are very different. The proportion of Robusta beans varies between 10% up to a strong 80% in the mixes. The caffeine content is of course also significantly influenced by this. More on this in our blog post Arabica vs. Robusta. Special pure arabica can also produce an excellent crema. But if you are just starting to prepare the perfect crema with the fine art of espresso, we recommend a mixture with Robusta beans.

Failure to prepare the espresso and the crema

On the other hand, the type of coffee preparation makes a significant contribution to the success of the perfect crema and an excellent espresso. To prepare the espresso and to create a crema the way we want it, you need pressure, a lot of pressure. You can make the best espresso with a portafilter machine and the machine should have a pressure of at least 9 bar. Perhaps you have already wondered why you prefer to prepare with the classic Italian espresso maker no crema was successful? Let me tell you: it's not up to you. The espresso maker simply cannot build up the required pressure of 9 bar, it can develop a maximum of 3 bar pressure. In Italy, the drink that is usually made at home from the espresso maker is therefore not referred to as espresso, but as caffè.

The ideal grind for a stable, fine-pored crema

In addition to the selection of beans and the right machine, the degree of grind of the espresso is also decisive for a good espresso result. The grind should be fine, but not too fine either, so that the water can hit the largest possible surface. If the grind is too fine, the extraction is too strong and the espresso can get a bitter taste Crema is getting too dark. You can grind your espresso yourself or rely on your coffee roaster. We grind your espresso to the desired, correct grind for the portafilter machine. The manual preparation of the espresso with the portafilter machine is worthwhile: The small, strong espresso with the head called "crema" offers all the strengths, but also weaknesses of the bean, the roasting and the preparation. Freshly roasted coffee is always the best choice, whether for preparing coffee or espresso.

The creation of the perfect crema with the portafilter machine

  • Preheat espresso cups
  • Distribute the coffee powder by tapping the portafilter on the work surface or, if necessary, smooth it out with a suitable tool. A coffee quantity of 8g is ideal. Weigh the powder or use a scoop of coffee if you are unsure
  • With the tamper, the coffee presser, you can compact the coffee powder, proceed without much effort. The aim is to produce a uniform mass that can withstand the water pressure, flow through it evenly and which can be extracted
  • After inserting the portafilter into the brew head, start the pump by pressing the preset or manually adjustable dosage
  • Place espresso cup or espresso cups under the portafilter outlet and activate flow
  • If you have worked correctly with the tamping, the espresso should flow through with an even stream within 25-30 seconds. A quantity of 40-50ml espresso including a golden brown crema is ideal. At the beginning, the espresso flowing in is very dark and gradually turns into a lighter shade.

Tip: Preparing espresso takes practice. It is not uncommon for it to take several tries to get the espresso and crema perfect. But the manual work will pay off and you will be rewarded with an incomparably good espresso and a crema that is more intense in flavor. Some coffee machines “do magic” through them Supply of oxygen a crema on top of the espresso. This cannot be compared to the end product of an artisanal espresso.

Did the crema succeed? What could have gone wrong?

The perfect crema is fine-pored, golden brown and is reminiscent of a tabby pattern. After setting, the crema is ideally about 2mm thick, should be stable and not collapse too quickly. The taste should be between sweet and sour with a soft, creamy texture. In order to taste the espresso and the aromas of the crema as best as possible, taste the espresso on your tongue with your mouth slightly open and consciously try to inhale oxygen while enjoying it. You can also test whether the crema has the perfect level by placing a spoonful of sugar on the crema. If the sugar sinks after 2-3 seconds, your crema is as it should be.

Too light crema?

If more than 50ml espresso has been extracted in the allotted time, the crema is too light and dissolves quickly, the espresso tastes watery

  • the grind may be too coarse
  • too little coffee powder may have been used
  • the pressure can be too low when tamping, with coffee, or in the machine
  • the brewing temperature may be set too low
  • the coffee can be too old

Too dark crema?

If less than 50ml espresso has been extracted, the crema is too dark and the coffee tastes bitter

  • the grind may be too fine
  • the amount of coffee may be too much
  • the beans may have been roasted too dark
  • the pressure during tamping or by the machine may be set too high
  • the brewing temperature may be set too high and the crema may appear torn

For the perfect crema - your overview

  • Select your preferred espresso beans: Robusta beans give the crema a better stand thanks to the lower oil content
  • With the portafilter machine you can make the best espresso with the perfect crema. The machine requires at least 9 bar pressure. An espresso maker only makes a caffè without crema
  • The appropriate grind for the espresso powder is fine, but not too fine
  • Always choose freshly roasted coffee for the preparation of your espresso