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My first encounter with the band Kotzreiz was at the time when the name was answered: "Which one? The one from Berlin or the one without hair?". I was lying on the back seat of the Würzburg Punk Mobile on the way back from the Frost Punx Picnic and really wanted to sleep. Unfortunately I found the album "You make the city bust" way too good and way too funny, which is why I stayed awake. Since then I have had the first release of Puking on Hot Rotation. The second album "Punk stays punk" somehow almost completely passed me by. I'll catch up on that when I get the chance.
Anyway. It's 2020. And who's back? Exactly. Puking is back. The super ironic, minimalist, always thirsty, partying hipster punk band from the capital of the federal state Berlin. After eight years without a release, the third record "Sober unbearable" is now in my closet. The 23 minutes of punk rock, fun, drinking and much more have been available since March 20th via Aggressive Punk Productions and Out of Vogue.

A lot seems to have happened in the Kotzreiz shared apartment in the eight years. All songs were written, recorded and also produced in this legendary place. The eleven tracks on "Nüchtern unbearable" contain the crisp German punk numbers that you would expect on a puking record. In addition to the previously presented 'Who is again there', this includes the brisk act 'Eiskalte Ears', the angry pogo attack' Ratten im System ', the happy summer hit' Nix zu Los' and the sad confrontation with reality 'I'm a wreck '. All very nice songs with great lyrics; I'm excited.
But I would like to pay much more attention to the tracks that do not fit into the typical pattern K. In a choppy hangover mood and with support on the guitar The Ace the title track sways into the theme of the record. With a bit of hit influence, the increasingly recurring question is raised: "What is actually going wrong here?", Or the question of whether we are simply drunk too often or the whole world has really gone crazy.
Full of nostalgia for the times when you rammed the first few rivets into your jacket and made tapes as proof of love, the rock'n'roll ballad 'Punk Boys don't cry' fills one or the other glass. Less tears and instead summer thirst are generated in the relaxed Surf RockTrack 'Sambuca Beach'.
My personal highlights apart from the fast punk rock songs and lines like "At night all punkers are blue" or "I would like to brush my teeth but there are none left" are the tracks with the other guest appearances. On light-footed, danceable synthie wave celebrations Emilie riot together with puking a shy disco night in the song 'toilet star'. And in the last track 'Der räudige Aal' takes himselfAndrea plague pox like WTZ in 'Pennerpank' once presented disgusting assholes who, for whatever reason, claim to be called punkers. In contrast to the song Der Würmtalzecken, right-wing cross-front idiots and sexist creeps are also targeted in the synth pop number - absolutely important and unfortunately necessary.

Great record, it's a lot of fun. I now feel like drinking, dancing and then drinking again.
By the way, the album is bearable soberly. But it's better drunk. I would categorize it as "German punk and more".
Oh yes, and with 'Nothing to lose' at first I thought my old saying "No pants, no problem" would have been quoted. But it's not like that. Still nice. Bottom up!

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