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Gütersloh Gütersloher queue for hours for donuts from a well-known chain

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The "Royal Donut" branch attracts hundreds of people to the city every day. What makes these sweet pastries so tempting? How experts assess the trend and what local confectioners say about the supposed competition.

Larissa Kirchhoff
04/16/2021 | As of April 15, 2021, 5:38 p.m.

Gutersloh. A yeast ring filled with peanut butter, coated with chocolate icing, garnished with sweets - if that's not enough sweetness, you can also get the pastry with extra Nutella strips. Donuts like this and a hundred other flavors are available. The food trend, which has been established in American food culture for years, is becoming more and more popular on the German market. The success of the donut chain "Royal Donuts" confirms this once more ...

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