John Palmer Wholesale Carpets Charleston


Re-imagined from the hull up.

A masterful and intuitive blend ofdesign, technology and performance. Unique as a class of superyacht, a fusion of extremes.


At iconic design. The original and best.

Cutting edge style and a sleek, feline profile. Engineered and built to the highest superyacht standards.

Introducing the newest series to the Palmer Johnson family of sport yachts.

Next generation thinking. A design that evokes the distinctive form of its predecessors and the brand’s heritage.


Palmer Johnson’shistory of building the world's most innovative yachtshas been combined withBugatti's signature engineering traits such as the accentuated center line, perfect symmetry and a sweeping signature curve. PJ traits such as using advanced materials likecarbon and arevolutionary hullhave been incorporated seamlessly into this yacht design that is quite simply like no other.

Go where no one else can.

Navigate unchartered waters. Discover afresh approach to yachting that was previously unimaginable.

Over a century of time honored craftsmanship.