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Dear senior citizens,

we are currently experiencing the fulfillment of a human dream. Humans are getting older. Life expectancy has never been as high as it is today. This is a great gift for everyone and a great asset for our society. We should be grateful for this achievement. And we should handle this new opportunity responsibly.
Older people have never been as fit, active and interested as they are today. Your retirement is a phase of life with a lot of freedom and great prospects. They use it for what is important to them. Be it in voluntary work or in the family - senior citizens are essential for the cohesion of our society. We need their knowledge, their empathy, their zest for action and their life experience. I am convinced: an old person sometimes sees more when sitting than a young person when standing.
In 2014, the Ministry of Social Affairs launched the Bavarian Seniors Academy to make it easier for them to do voluntary work. Interested parties receive targeted support here. I am very pleased that the offers are so well received - over 2,300 people have already attended the free training courses.
The new program reflects the diversity of the elderly. Committed people receive a lot of valuable tips, for example for the public relations of their initiative. Some events take place as online seminars. This strengthens the digital participation of older people. They know: you never stop learning in life!
I wish all participants new insights and a lot of joy and success for their commitment!

Carolina Trautner, MdL

Bavarian State Minister for Family, Labor and Social Affairs